Why We Need A Republican President

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According to various news sites, Obama’s upcoming budget will consist of spending cuts equating to 775 million dollars. Considering that the proposed deficit is expected to be 1.5 trillion dollars, auditors wouldn’t even consider this material.

Sometimes people have a hard time imagining these #’s, so allow me to illustrate: With a deficit of 1.5 trillion dollars, 775 million dollars amounts to being .0517% of the amount.

Thus the proposed cuts would equate to an individual with a credit card debt of one thousand dollars, reducing their spending by 51 cents.

Or, if one was eating 3 large pasta servings per day, and decided they wanted to reduce their calorie intake by taking out no more than half an inch of one noodle of pasta from the first meal.

For you runners, this “reduction” would be similar to shortening the distance of a marathon by by 70 feet (not even 3 first downs in football).

I’m clearly having too much fun with this, but the message is obvious. We must have a fiscal conservative in the White House. Anything short of that and we’ll continue to see “no solution but to raise taxes” types of budgets that have no “off” or even a “pause” button when it comes to spending.


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  1. Didn’t we have a Republican in the White House for 8 of the last 10 years, 20 of the last 30 years and 28 of the last 42 years?

  2. An opening for an inexperienced tax-and-spend Democrat socialist with no backbone president whose fiscal policies have prolonged an economic crisis caused by the Democratic Party and their government over-regulation in the real estate market?

  3. Michael,

    Sorry, not buying it. There was a Republican President for all seven years leading up to the most recent economic collapse and the Republicans controlled the House and Senate for six of those years.

    Also, the previous Democratic President left office with projected surpluses as far as the eye can see.

  4. As the only objective person(!) on this blog, let me gleefully concede that both parties’ presidents delivered deficits. Seems most Presidents just can’t say “no” when the budget reaches their desk.

    Certainly Reagan ran up a bill — the national debt tripled during his eight years. Clinton did better only because of the soaring stock market (bubble) and a RELATIVELY hard-nosed GOP Congress. And Bush II certainly raised the bar.

    But when it comes to raising the bar, Obama deserves special recognition. It will be almost impossible for the next President to be worse. At least, we HOPE that such is the case.

    It’s not so much we need a REPUBLICAN in the Presidency — we need a Republican fiscal ASSHOLE in the Presidency. Chris Christie would be my role model. Or Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson, or my new hero, Wisconsin governor/union buster Scott Walker.

  5. I’m with Rider on this one.

    Clinton gets too much credit for balancing the budget. Reagan gets too much blame for not. Bush and the Republican congress of the early 2000’s don’t get enough blame for their part, I agree, Alger. But geeze…Obama and the latest bunch of Democrats have literally outdone EVERYONE. They make Carter look like Milton Friedman.

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