Why Tulsi Gabbard Is The Greatest Presidential Candidate For Whom I Will Never Vote

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I admire Tulsi Gabbard.  I won’t vote for her; her ideas about government’s relationship to the economy and individual economic choices are statist but I love her non-interventionist message.  (Inlookers might look at my first post on San Diego Rostra, and read from there).

I admire that she isn’t afraid to be a guest on Tucker Carlson or go on a Joe Rogan podcast with Jocko Willink.  While we disagree on economic policy. I have no doubt that Tulsi Gabbard is a principled patriot who doesn’t lie like most politicians in both parties.

That principled presentation has gotten her in hot water with Queen Hillary; Clinton referred to Gabbard as a “Russian asset”.  True to form, Gabbard hit back, pointing out that the Clinton/Bush foreign policy has been a disaster for this country.

California Senator and Chief Phony Kamala Harris dropped out of the Presidential race yesterday.  A few months ago, the media were heralding her as the Second Coming until Gabbard pointed out that, as California Attorney General, Harris was just another hack politician, preoccupied with throwing her weight around rather than pursuing justice.  Harris withheld evidence, kept an innocent man imprisoned, and rejected most every attempt at criminal justice reform…. and Gabbard nailed her for her horrible record.

Don’t believe me.  Harris’ staffers admitted that Gabbard’s criticism sunk Harris in the polls, making it virtually impossible to resurrect her failing Presidential bid:

It was the latest in a series of attacks from Gabbard — and Harris’ advisers were reportedly unimpressed, especially as she had been prepped on potential attacks on her record. Harris responded then claiming that she had consistently fought against the death penalty and reformed the criminal justice system.

According to the Times, several of Harris’ donors were “alarmed” and urged the campaign to fire back at Gabbard. Harris was also aware that her response was “insufficient,” a view “reinforced by her advisers” according to the Times.

Harris’ advisers were also frustrated at the senator’s alleged inability to “carry a message beyond the initial script.”

I don’t like Gabbard because she sunk Harris and jabbed back at Hillary Clinton, I like her because she is willing to speak truth to power.  I like her because she is willing to make her case in a calm and respectful manner.  I like her because she considers people like me as Americans with whom she disagrees on policy, not an “irredeemable deplorable”.

I won’t vote for Tulsi Gabbard but the Republic could do a lot worse than with her as President.  Gabbardi is a breath of fresh air.


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  1. I have been heavily supporting Gabbard and I will vote for her because she is the only candidate who is serious about ending our senseless foreign wars. She is also the only candidate who can beat Trump. I disagree with her progressive domestic agenda, but my overriding concern is our foreign wars. I have never voted for a Democrat in my very long life. She will be the first. Also she has been firm yet graceful in the face of nasty interviews. She is also calm and does not yell and wave her arms arms around.

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