Why Tony Kranz Can’t Be Trusted in Encinitas

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Tony Kranz and Lisa Shaffer just broke their word, from Encinitas Undercover:

In a stunning display of bad faith, crass political calculation, and petty vindictiveness, Council Members Tony Kranz and Lisa Shaffer have initiated agenda items to strip Kristin Gaspar of her unanimously-agreed six-month turn as mayor that was to begin June 11.

12A. Council initiated item from Council Member Shaffer to reconsider Mayor and Deputy Mayor transition scheduled to take effect June 11, 2014.

2014-05-28 Item 12A – Council Member Shaffer Initiated Item

12B. Council initiated item from Council Member Kranz for reconsideration of the pending transition of Mayor and Deputy Mayor duties.

2014-05-28 Item 12B – Council Member Kranz Initiated Item

The mayor-sharing was agreed last December and heralded as an example of the council’s new civility. Apparently civility (and fair play) ends as soon as your colleagues have a policy disagreement over the purchase price of Pacific View.

Rumor has it that both Kristin Gaspar and Tony Kranz will be running for the first publicly-elected Mayor’s office of Encinitas. Gaspar is a Republican and Kranz is a Democrat. The thought process is that, if Gaspar holds the title of (council-elected) Mayor of Encinitas, she might have an edge in the voter-election for Mayor — Francine Busby doesn’t want that to happen.

While this speaks volumes about Tony Kranz’ integrity (or lack thereof), watch the vote this Wednesday. Gaspar supported Teresa Barth’s plan to share the Mayor’s office.  If Barth doesn’t uphold her promise to Gaspar on Wednesday, she’s just a partisan hack.

We already know that Kranz and Shaffer are doing the bidding of Francine Busby and Jess Durfee — the same people who gave San Diego Bob Filner — so I expect them to vote like the party bosses dictate. Barth will be the interesting vote on Wednesday. Will she honor her word or let the Democratic party bosses control her?


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  1. I’ve grown to appreciate and respect Councilmember Gaspar through her term, though I am a Democrat. Encinitas tends to be less partisan than some other municipalities.

    This is why it interests me, not that there is some local controversy over an agenda item, but that San Diego’s GOP has taken a keen interest in this yet-to-be-confirmed race. I sense a long intended career for Ms. Gaspar with the party.

    For clarity, a re-post from Councilmember Shaffer’s Facebook page:


    “My agenda item for next week seems to have stirred up a lot of comment. For the record, the agenda item is a necessary step to respond to Tony Kranz’s decision not to take his appointment as Deputy Mayor, and this gives us an opportunity to review the overall situation with more information than we had last December. If a majority of the Council still thinks the original plan has merit, then we will transition to Mayor Gaspar after next week’s meeting. If not, we will take different action. It all depends on having the conversation, and to have the conversation, we have to have it on the agenda. I think we should not fear to ask questions, just as Mr. Muir did a few weeks ago with his agenda item, proposing to revisit past Council decisions. While I disagreed with his proposal, I absolutely support his right to raise his questions through an agenda item.”

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