Why Scott Peters Had a REALLY Bad Night

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Election Analysis: Rep. Scott Peters Had a Really Bad Primary Night
Peters Posts Worst % Among CA Dems; LA Times Says “Most Likely to Flip”

San Diego – The Los Angeles Times ran a story noting Rep. Scott Peters seat is seen as the “most likely to flip” in the 2014 election and the dismal showing by Peters in Tuesday’s primary underscores why.

Scott Peters Has Worst Showing of All CA Targets
After clearing the field on the Democratic side, Peters posted a paltry 42% of the vote. That figure was the worst in the state for an incumbent Democrat – with targeted Reps. Bera, Brownley and Ruiz getting far higher numbers. The dismal showing by Peters comes despite the fact that not a dime in ads were spent against him in the primary – he got a free ride.

58% of Voters Rejected Scott Peters
The three Republicans in the race posted support of 58% of voters – reflecting a sizable majority of the District is dissatisfied with Peters as their representative. Moreover, these voters supported the Republican candidates and those votes are expected to line up behind Carl DeMaio.

Peters Generates LESS Support in 2014 Primary vs 2012 Primary
In the 2012 primary for the 52nd, Peters and two other Democrats posted 46.5% of the vote. Now two years later, support for the Democrat candidate shrinks to only 42% of the vote.

DeMaio Wins 2:1 Over Well-Funded Opponents
Carl DeMaio beat back over $750,000 in spending from a self-funded millionaire and far-right groups to post an impressive 36% of the vote.

DeMaio Announces Democrat and Independent Endorsements
With the Republican vote expected to consolidate against Peters, DeMaio is building bipartisan support in the District and is holding a press conference Thursday afternoon to release a coalition of over 100 Democrats and Independents who will represent his campaign in every major community of the district.

DeMaio carried the 52nd District by 16% in the overwhelming turnout seen in the 2012 election. The latest public polling shows DeMaio leading Peters by 10% in a head-to-head match against Peters.


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