Who’s schooling who in Oceanside? Or is it whom?

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Mass mailing and continuing education gurus Fred Pryor Seminars may be trying to save on postage costs, but we’re thinking some of their joint invitees may not be inclined to share a ride together to class…

For those not familiar with the names shown, Oceanside Council Member Gary Felien is the treasurer of the Republican Party of San Diego County. Francine Busby, a former school board member and Congressional candidate, is the chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party.

Misty Tienken, aide to Felien, received the solicitation at City of Oceanside offices. “Look, I’m not a fan of Francine Busby, but if she had a school here at City Hall I totally would know about it,” she quipped. “As for Gary Felien being her vice chair, I knew they had a special debate relationship of tearing each other apart, but this is a bit odd.”

Misty, please forward Francine her mail. Also please see page 7.


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