When will we wake up and start telling our elected officials where to cut?

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So how many of us think Sacramento will really solve their budget crisis with REAL solutions instead of the usual “smoke and mirrors”? Not me.

Doesn’t this approach scare you? Doesn’t it anger you that Sacramento can come down and raid the coffers of school districts, cities, counties and other agencies to “balance” their budget, while making these agencies look like the bad guy since they are now forced to cut even more?

My parents taught me to live BELOW my means and that is something I have always strived for and explained to my then fiancée (now wife) that we should continue that practice with our marriage. I’ve never understood why government can’t practice that very SIMPLE principle. Think about it-If you live below your means (Incoming revenue/salary is always based upon pessimistic projections, NEVER optimistic projections, which, of course you already knew, but government tends to base their revenue projections on overly rosy projections), you can set money aside for those rainy days, and if you get a nice surplus, well, you can spend it on a luxury, or in the government’s case, you rebate it back to the taxpayers. Also, I don’t have the luxury of demanding a pay raise when I fail to live below my means (Such as Sacramento raising taxes/fees on us because they don’t have the strength to cut when needed).

So what brought about this blog? Well, I happened to read the article about New York shutting down 55 of their parks (http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local-beat/State-Closing-55-Parks-Historic-Sites-Today-93916464.html). This hits a sour note with me because as a youth, my parents took me camping all over the west. Later, I became a National Park Ranger and more recently, a County Park Ranger. It’s not for self interest/protection that I write this, but for the enjoyment of parks. People go to parks to get away from the stress of living in the cities. They can hike, explore, fish, camp and most importantly, relax (Are you aware that San Diego County Parks will be shutting down some of their Open Spaces?).

Yes, our parks are a special interest, but a needed one. I’m not saying NOT to cut into our parks, what I am saying is we need real reform in government. We need self control, we need constraint.  I suggested back in February 2009 in the “Flashreport” (http://www.flashreport.org/featured-columns-library0b.php?faID=2009022411072066) a ballot measure that would tell Sacramento what to do regarding the budget (Since they can’t).  While it was written with a Republican slant, any party could jump in and push for this and look great to the public.

Readers, as you probably can tell, I don’t have much faith in our politicians and because of that, WE THE PEOPLE, must offer suggestions for reform to them. So readers, I’ve offered my suggestion for reform, now I’d like to hear yours.


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  1. http://republicanwhip.house.gov/YouCut/

    ^ This seem pretty cool in theory. I’m not sure if this particular program is going to be effective, but something similar to this idea would be great!

    I also agree with you, about living within our means. It seems like we’re funding all the programs and then seeing how the budget works out.

    I don’t think our current state legislature is too incompetent to make a budget and stick to it. The problem is that so many of them are corrupt and sold out to special interests (democrats and republicans are both guilty of this), that they stopped looking out for the people. They purposefully vote for bills they know the state can’t afford. We need to figure out how to hold state assembly persons accountable for their votes, and elect people that have the guts to fight for common sense budgeting.

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