Bill Horn: Was it a gaffe, or worthy of huckster propaganda label? You tell us.

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From Scott Lewis on Twitter: “I figure Keegan did Horn a favor: He must have been overjoyed to learn his friends were alive.”

Fact Check: Bill Horn’s Bogus Civil Rights Story – San Diego Fact Check

Statement: “During the civil rights movement I worked for Ralph Abernathy and went to jail over the rights of the minority,” County Supervisor Bill Horn said June 28 at a public board meeting. Determination: Huckster Propaganda.

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  1. Please see my post below. I interviewed SDSU Professor Hal Brown in person in the past and heard his adamant eyewitness testimony that college student Bill Horn stood up for the Civil Rights cause, attending CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) meetings when that was a very tough road to walk.

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