Is A Vote For Trump A Vote For Clinton?

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Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, both successful past Republican governors in traditionally Democratic states, are starting to say that:

“It may get to the point where Mr. Trump is not able to win and you may hear from us that a vote for Trump is a wasted vote so you had better go with Johnson/Weld”– past MA Gov. William Weld

This may be premature but, if Gary Johnson makes it into the Fall debates, and Trump continues to slip in the polling, this could be the reality.  Johnson and Weld are at the top of the ticket for the Libertarian Party but are running more of a “moderate Republican” campaign than a libertarian one.  Johnson has raised eyebrows with his comments about banning hijabs in public, forcing Jewish bakers to serve Nazis, and the viability of a universal income study .  Bill Weld is just horrible on the Second Amendment.  These may be calculated moves to attract Democrats or it may be their core beliefs; either way, the Libertarian ticket sounds more like blue state Republicans than libertarians.

Three things are certain about Johnson/Weld:  (1) they are the only candidates talking about cutting the size and scope of government  (2) they are the only candidates with executive experience in government and (3) they have higher favorable than unfavorable ratings, among voters, than the two major party candidates.

At a certain point, in certain states, Gary Johnson could be the alternative to Trump for Democrats (New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Utah) and the alternative to Clinton for Republican voters (North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin).  If both major party candidates continue to tank in the polls, and Johnson gets on that debate stage, voting for Trump or Clinton could very well be the wasted vote this November.

A lot has to happen for this to become a three-horse race but we are about 75 days from election day.  In politics, that’s an eternity.



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