Villaraigosa Presides over DNC Platform Trainwreck

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If you’re like me, you haven’t been watching the DNC at all. However, I did come across some news and was surprised it hadn’t hit Rostra yet. Quite the controversy and is certain to make strong Isreal supporters think twice about their party affiliation. Former CA Republican Chair Ron Nehring summarizes it well, complete with video:

From San Diego Republican Party Executive Committee Member Ron Nehring

With Villaraigosa Presiding, DNC Convention Flies Off the Rails With Platform Fight

Amid three separate votes over amending Jerusalem, God back into DNC Platform, the LA Mayor looks lost.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa probably thought today would be another easy day in the limelight in Charlotte with lots of great national exposure wielding the gavel at the Democratic National Convention.

Yet, as this video shows, the Mayor appears flummoxed when he’s forced to call for a vote three separate times on whether to suspend the rules and amend the Democrats’ national platform to add recognition of Jerusalem and God back into the party’s platform.

Watch the video: do you think two-thirds of the delegates voted for the amendment?

Republicans successfully pounded the Democrats for days over the party’s decision to remove multiple pro-Israel planks from their platform, together with any reference to God.  Today the party leadership determined a reversal was required, but it appears the delegates had a different idea.

Take a look:


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