Various Items of Note: New Majority, Garrick-Hodges Blow-Up, Slater-Price’s Problem

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ITEM 1: CHANGES AT THE NEW MAJORITY. Sounds like the San Diego New Majority is in the midst of a staff change. Current staffer Doug Sain, who has served in the position for a couple of years, is either moving on or acting as an adviser in a different capacity (conflicting stories). The replacement will be John Cross. I don’t know Mr. Cross but wish him the best of luck…

ITEM 2: BLOW UP IN THE NORTH. As touched on by “Northpole” yesterday there is an ongoing blow up between Assemblyman Martin Garrick and San Diego County Republican Party Vice Chairman Sherry Hodges, who is running for his north county seat. The issue – clarified today in an email – concerns Hodges’ comments in conversations with potential donors and endorsers that Garrick supports her running or supports her candidacy. To clear it up: at this point it’s obvious he does not. Garrick did however say at a public forum that he ‘supports’ Assembly candidate Marie Waldron. It’s likely or possible that Hodges and Waldron will face off for the seat. Juicy because Hodges was a Garrick employee, while Waldron ran against Garrick in the 2006 Republican Assembly Primary.

ITEM 3: PAM SLATER-PRICE’S PROBLEM. There have been multiple confirmations that Supervisor Pam Slater-Price was considering retiring in 2012, and the assumption is she would support her long time staffer John Weil for the position. The problem is Congressman Brian Bilbray staffer Steve Danon got out front in the race – declaring and starting to raise money. Now supe and staffer have a problem: Slater-Price might be able to beat Danon head to head (although rumors of polling show her weak… presumably part of the reason her long time political consultant Tom Shepard jumped ship to Danon), but Danon has a head start on Weil. But the longer Slater-Price stays in, the harder it will be for Weil to get support, since Danon is working hard.  Now to get inside the brain of Slater-Price and Weil, the best of all worlds for them would be either (1) to redistrict Danon out of the seat, which is possible; or (2) to have Slater-Price beat Danon then retire and have the board appoint Weil… which is unlikely given her popularity on the board and growing public disgust at those kind of machinations. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Of course if Slater-Price leaves, that also opens the door to a host of other officials who may jump in the race.


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  1. Murph-man: Her name is Slater-Price, not Slater, and it has been for several years. We have corrected it accordingly.

  2. If it’s the same John Cross then he used to work for real estate developer Richard Allen /Allen Group. Allen is a good guy, big donor, from Central Valley, had office in Carlsbad, now active in Texas and other states. I think Cross was involved in Congressional and Gubernatorial campaigns outside of CA prior to Allen Group.

  3. It doesn’t matter what we may think of the use of a hyphenated name. It’s just that, well, it’s her NAME.

  4. What is the New Majority going to do without Doug’s sage political advice? They should nail their doors shut.

  5. OK so let’s just assume that Pam decides to retire. Then what? I really doubt the other officials in north county would let either Weil or Danon walk into a Supervisor seat.

    I think you could see half a dozen local elected or state officials hop in, or Steve Francis if he lives there, or another rich guy. Two men who work for elected officials (have they had real jobs) are hardly unbeatable.

  6. Good point “Supervisorial Race” Danon and or Weil might have it better if she stays in for a while. I think Senator Mark Wyland lives there maybe he’d run, or Councilman Mark Packard from Carlsbad, or who knows who else. People who can raise money with a base of proven voters might be tougher than the others.

  7. Supervisor Horn has been trying to recruit a candidate against Pam Slater-Price for years — what are his thoughts on the race?

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