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A smattering of social media comments over the last couple of days from throughout the region (and elsewhere), in no particular order…

Benjamin Katz, political software guru…

“San Diego’s Golden Hall remains one of my favorite political traditions. Here in San Diego, on election night, everyone joins to together for a single unified celebration of democracy: Democrats, Republicans, journalists, and election volunteers all watch the results come in under the same roof. It’s a wonderful reminder that first we’re Americans.”


County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher (on his spouse, Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher)…

“To all the ‘repeal AB5’, ‘anti vax’, ‘anti union’ people that have been chirping non-stop about my wife’s pending demise—take note that she has a higher percentage of the vote than any SD assembly member (and her numbers will climb). Maybe the problem is you!”

Miriam Raftery, East County Magazine (in response)…

“Nathan – Many of us who are generally progressive have had our livelihoods decimated by her bill, with nobody benefiting. Our nonprofit media outlet and my freelance writing business have both lost out. Our freelancers are all suffering, and there are no employee jobs that can be offered when you’re already running a nonprofit media outlet on a shoestring budget. Artists, musicians and many others I am friends with, nearly all progressives, are suffering terribly. So it hurts to have insults added to injuries.”

Cynthia Aaronson-Davis (also in response)…

“Maybe the problem is deafness. Listen to people. This doesn’t help.”


Jon Fleischman, FlashReport.com…

“I roll my eyes when legislators in safe seats with lopsided partisan registration in their favor let their large percentage of the vote go to their head. When a crash test dummy of their same party registration would garner the same blow out if they were the candidate…”


Jason Roe, consultant…

“I wonder if it is policy for The San Diego Union-Tribune to gratuitously say ‘(Supervisor Kristin) Gaspar, who twice met with President Trump’ in every story. Apparently that is part of her bio now. I haven’t seen them do that with any of the many other SD electeds of both parties who’ve met with the President.”


Andrew Keatts, Voice of SD…

“Submitted: the Registrar should drop its ‘100% of precincts reporting’ formulation. It doesn’t mean what people think it means. I spend a lot of time explaining that these aren’t final results. Thank you for your consideration. Bless.”

Barry Jantz, former La Mesa City Councilman (responding to Keatts)…

“I’ve spent every election the last 36 years explaining ‘these aren’t the final results.’ Exasperating, but it’s still nice to be the wonk at dinner parties. Uh huh.”


Poway Mayor Steve Vaus…

“Did anybody save the candidate mailers in my Board of Supes race? Working on a little ‘art project’ and I’m missing a few. Thx”


Scott Lay, AroundtheCapitol.com…

“Two septuagenarian straight white guys left. Well played Democrats.”

Pete DiLaurentis…

“Bernie is not white, he’s Jewish.”


Rachel Laing, consultant…

“Those saying Trump is going to ‘eat Biden alive,’ GMAFB. This is a man who’s lost his wife and daughter as a young father, survived an aneurism, lost a son to cancer… He’s dealt with a hell of a lot worse than a schoolyard bully. His kindness and grace have brought him far.”


Rostra Commenter “Encinitas Dad”…

“In the next election, Carl (DeMaio) can once again claim that he’s ‘not a career politician.’ That’s a true statement, but it’s not for a lack of trying.”


Richard Rider, libertarian godfather…

“Most San Diego County school bonds are FAILING. This is VERY unusual. It only takes 55% to pass these bonds, and there was almost no organized opposition. The spending was AT LEAST 100 to 1 favoring passage — including the illegal use of taxpayer funds.

“Kudos to our county GOP who submitted some boilerplate opposition ballot arguments opposing most of these measures. The GOP opposition was probably the swing factor that resulted in the defeat of several of these bonds.”


Pioneer City (Texas) Museum Director Melonnie Hicks (who may now be unemployed)…

“I hope every single one of you pieces of shit that votes republican, dies today.”


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  1. I tried looking up Melonnie Hicks but the only search results are for a porn star with that same name

  2. Post

    Even if the fake Prop 13 measure fails this time (it’s getting REALLY close in the count), this $15 billion bond WILL pass in November. We are doomed.

    Come November, LEGIONS of low information knuckle-draggers will vote in CA — and over 2/3 will mindlessly vote Democrat — and for Democrat policies — notably tax increases. “Ballot harvesting” will pay spectacular results for progressives.

    In the 2016 CA primary, 47.7% of the registered voters cast ballots. In the 2016 November general election, 75.3% voted. Each Presidential election is the BEST time for the Democrats to impose their policies via the initiative process.

    Most of the low info voters are renters. Compared to other states, CA has about 10% lower home ownership rate. Moreover, renters don’t pay property taxes. Just ask ’em!

    In San Diego County, perhaps 5 of the six school bonds failed (watch El Cajon carefully). In November, all of these bonds will be back on the ballot, and only the Lakeside district has any chance of defeating their bond.

    I predict that in November the Democrat’s effort to piecemeal “split roll” repeal Prop 13 WILL be passed by clueless voters — in spite of major opposition spending by businesses. We HATE businesses in California.

    Game over man, GAME OVER!!

  4. Thor’s Assistant – Thanks, apparently DuckDuckGo’s search results diverge completely from Google in this case.

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