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One of the rising stars in San Diego politics is Francis Barraza.

Francis did an exceptional job as the Executive Director of the San Diego County Republican Party for the past year.

Now she’s off to a critical role – to lead statewide outreach efforts to Latinos.

Francis is an articulate messenger for our ideas.  When asked why she’s a Republican, Francis said:

“I believe in the message of freedom and personal responsibility and the value of free enterprise,” Barraza said. “We want people to be able to control their own lives.”

Well said!

You can read the full UT profile piece here.

Francis, we’re proud of you – and know you will succeed in your new role!


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  1. A good start at the outreach program would be to contact Fox News and ask them to discontinue having guests that constantly bash brown people. Most latino families I’ve met are conservative,however the constant racial hatred from conservative media have turned them away from the Republican party.

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