UT: Bilbray’s daughter at center of medical marijuana debate

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From today’s Union-Tribune…

Briana Bilbray’s fight with cancer leads to a different stance from her father’s

The young cancer survivor surged with adrenaline as she stepped up to the lectern at Imperial Beach City Hall to defend medical marijuana dispensaries and extol the drug’s therapeutic benefits for chemotherapy patients.

Briana Bilbray did not inform her father, who opposes medical marijuana, that she planned to speak out that night in July. The 25-year-old daughter of Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray told city officials that nausea and fatigue were “really pretty words” to describe such incapacitating conditions.

Read all of Christopher Cadelago’s story here.

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  1. I spent three years as a teenager experiencing the dark side of the marijuana/drug culture and am very biased against it’s legalization mostly because of the way the California law has been abused to allow anyone to open up shop and sell it. The list of diseases it treats gets longer by the week and is being exploited far beyond any legitimate need. If Briana was my daughter, I would tell her to go ahead and do whatever she needed to do to relieve her suffering. As far as legalization, if it was only through licensed pharmacies strictly controlled as a Level II (currently it is a level 1 like LSD and heroine) and limited as to what doctors could prescribe it, that is a different issue and in my mind could be justified. The problem is what happens when the chemo. is over and the patient still wants the buzz. The latter is a black market/legal issue.

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