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Looks like DA Bonnie Dumanis and Congressman Bob Filner are both exploring entering the San Diego Mayor’s race.  How does this play?

With the DA in there are at least two “establishment” candidates in the race, Dumanis and Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher. Presumably Fletcher will be able to access Republican donor monies from his term in Sacramento and his and his wife’s national relationships, so he has some strengths she cannot count on.  Dumanis is reasonably well known and liked and may have access to national gay money. How the local establishment money will be split up is anyone’s guess.

Filner’s entry assures the Democrats and labor unions a candidate in the general election, unless of course former Councilwoman Donna Frye enters the race … then it’s unpredictable.


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  1. Actually, if Frye and Filner are the only Democrats running against 6-8 serious Republican candidates, it is quite possible that both Frye and Filner make the general election.

    I don’t expect this to be the case, but it will be interesting which party, if either, can limit their number of candidates.

  2. Um…care to explain why it “looks like” Dumanis is in the race beside the rumors that have already been floating?

  3. Dumanis will not run. First one willing to take a bet on this…let me know…one of us will buy lunch for the other, but it won’t be me pulling out my credit card.

  4. When Barry pulls out his credit card, you hear that eerie
    guitar that plays when Clint Eastwood draws a pistol.

  5. Mr. Jantz: Being who you are, you may have some inside knowledge here, but why do you say she won’t run?

    She has already been elected citywide, she is a centrist with cross-over appeal (a natural DTS vote-getter) and everyone takes her seriously. Her tough-as-nails style will accentuate her tough-on-crime record without sounding shrill. She has executive experience and a Rolodex of premier countywide donors.

    Do you think she will use all that for another run for DA? She likes it that much?

  6. Roger (the Mad Man?):
    Don’t get me wrong…I don’t have any inside info on this one…and I’m not saying she wouldn’t be a formidable candidate, with all the attributes you mention. Nothing more than a feeling, based on very unscientific insights. But, mostly, that combined with the fun of throwing a bet out there, with someone possibly buying me lunch if I’m right, or me buying lunch and publicly eating crow if I’m wrong.

  7. One thing’s for sure — it would be one hell of a pay cut. Her current salary is somewhere around $240,739.20. The SD mayor gets about $100K.

    She’s held the DA job since 2004. Don’t know the total number of years he has with the county, or what her pension would be if she left in 2012.

    Another factor for Bonnie to consider — while there are now term limits for the SD County Supervisors, there are no such limits for the other elected offices — including hers. But if she wins the SD mayoral race, she is limited to 8 years in office.

    My advice? Dumanis should keep her DA job and deal with her political Jones through a personal blog. I can testify that the hours are quite flexible, the commute costs are zero, while the psychic income is priceless.


  8. As I predict in my post “What About Bob?” earlier this week on Rostra, Filner would be a formidable candidate and one that can’t be counted out based on his impressive electoral track record to date.

    Bonnie Dumanis would be nuts to run for mayor, but everyone told then Superior Court Judge Dick Murphy the same thing. Murphy ran because he was bored as a judge. I heard it directly from Murphy at the time. It’s entirely possible Dumanis feels the same way. But I’m not quite ready to bet Jantz a meal on this. I’ve seen how that man eats.

  9. She was at the last couple Republican Party meetings. That’s not the norm for her. And the only time people seem to show up for that meeting is when they are running for something.

  10. Maybe she showed up at the GOP mtg because she heard Barry Jantz was hosting the buffet. 🙂

    She may be looking at the race now but I tend to agree with Barry (and I have even less inside info than he does) that when push comes to shove she will stay where she is.

    Personally, I think she is a great DA and if she wants to do something different, she should capitalize on her experience and connections to further her career in the law enforcement rather than getting sucked into politics of City Hall. As Gayle Falkenthal alludes to, the transition from the law & order world to city hall didn’t work out too well for Dick Murphy. That same transition doesn’t seem to working out to well for former Police Chief Jerry Sanders either — pension aside. He will leave office with his reputation more tarnished than when he went in.

  11. Funny. Speaking of SD Reader rumors that don’t seem to be of interest to any other media entity, where the heck did that even come from?

  12. Of all the candidates talked about so far I am getting a serious headache. I don’t see any candidates on the list so far that will restore San Diego to greatness.

  13. “Restore San Diego to greatness”? That’s a loaded term — because it’s the Dick Murphy’s and Susan Golding’s who usually fill that bill. It’s a term popular with the Downtown Businessmen’s Subsidy Association — a powerful if informal group who seek primarily construction contracts for new edifices.

    Right now the best candidate is the candidate who does NOT have a pocketful of new civic projects on which to spend taxpayer funds. The Ediface Complex is all too commonly found among such thinkers — Jerry Sanders has caught the bug.

    Indeed, often times we’d be better off with a “do nothing” candidate — one intent on housekeeping — controlling runaway costs while restoring the basis services truly desired by voters.

  14. I grew up in San Diego in the 50’s and graduated from Crawford High School in 1962. I cannot remember the last time San Diego had a great leader and a good City Council. It certainly goes further back than Golding and I am totally disgusted with what goes on in the City of San Diego today and all the waste.

    I agree 100% with your assessment of “do nothing candidate” that could concentrate of the issues you mention. Government has gotten way to big everywhere. Sadly, I am searching for another State to move to as I have had it in CA. At my age this does not come easy but my City, Country and State have been destroyed by political leaders and special interest groups. I live in East County now, where at least I am surrounded mostly by conservatives.

    Richard, why don’t you run for Mayor. San Diego needs someone that really cares about the City and has common sense. You certainty fill those needs and would be a great mayor.

  15. Thanks, Larry. Been there, done that — with disastrous numbers.

    With all due modesty, I’d make a GREAT mayor. But few people are as ill-suited to run for office as I. It’s not my destiny.

  16. Great, that’s all we need. A lesbian mayor. Didn’t we have enough of a push for gay “marriage” with Sanders’ support for his lesbian daughter? The republican party can do better. PLEASE!

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