Trump, the flaccid hope of Deplorable America

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Let me start off this post by suggesting you follow Greg Swann’s overnight news on Bloodhound Blog. Started in 2005, Bloodhound Blog became a group real estate blog, speaking to the independent real estate broker and lender about how to compete against PropTech 1.0 and FinTech1.0. by using their strengths against them. Dormant for a period of years, Greg re-booted the blog (with the old crew) with the express purpose of competing against FinPropTech 3.0, by using their glaring weaknesses against them.

Greg posts daily recommendations of news articles to read. Most of them are real estate related but he sneaks some political links into them when he finds them interesting. While my Op-Ed in today’s San Diego Union-Tribune made the cut, it was nowhere near the best link he shared. A must read for any “deplorable” is by Angelo Codevilla, on the American Mind blog at The Clairemont Institute, called “Revolution 2020“.

You should read the whole essay and, if you really want background and context, you should read the linked articles, too — it’s a tough sled so I know that most readers will want the Cliff Notes. I won’t give you that but I will give you the final few paragraphs here:

There is no substantive difference between the sort of leadership that the deplorables will demand in the wake of Trump’s reelection from what they would have demanded after his defeat. The problems are the same. In either case they would have to lead protests, lawsuits, boycotts, campaigns for legislation, for legitimizing or delegitimizing all manner of potentates, as well as explaining how to reestablish the American way of life on a sound basis for those who want to live it. The difference would lie in circumstances. In the wake of electoral defeat, the Left’s more energetic and widespread acts of oppression would effectively set the Right’s defensive agenda. But having won at the polls and having a nominally friendly administration, the deplorables’ leaders would have the luxury of picking their fights with strategic consistency.

The revolution long since destroyed the original American republic in the minds, hearts, and habits of a critical mass of citizens. They neither want nor are any longer able to live as Americans had lived until so recently. Loudly, they declare that the rest of us are racists, etc., unworthy of self-government. No one can undo that. Chances are against the undoing happening on its own. The longer we pretend to live under precisely the same laws, the likelier we will end up killing one another. We must not do that. And yet regional differences notwithstanding, we are mostly intermingled. Sorting ourselves into compatible groups is part of the American genius and tradition. More of that has been happening and more will happen yet. If we want to live in peace, as we should, we must contrive to agree to disagree to accommodate peace.

The greatest benefit that would come from the Left’s defeat in the 2020 election is the possibility that it may become possible to convince the ruling class, if not the intersectionals, that such accommodation is the best deal they can get. But the intersectionals are violent enemies—who must be dealt with as such. Fortunately, there are more spoiled children among them than heroes.

America in 2024 doesn’t look pretty no matter who wins in November and it’s likely that divorce, be it amicable or contested, is in this country’s future. The hope is that we self-segregate and return to some degree of federalism but Professor Codevilla worries that our future could consist of federal SWAT teams opposing deplorable America in some form of guerrilla warfare.

But what does he know? He’s just an immigrant who graduated a state university, served his country in the US Navy, and worked within “The Deep State” before it became “Deep”– in other words, he’s a deplorable, too. Read his full essay if you want to understand what the Tea Party Movement and Occupy Wall Street were really all about.


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  1. I don’t always agree w/Brian Brady but I’ll say this. I find his posts informative and educational. I tend to use them to build a picture of what’s happened here in San Diego politics. Good job and I will read those and look forward to that.

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