Travis Allen for California Republican Party Chairman

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Today, former Assemblyman Travis Allen and 2018 gubernatorial candidate laid out the best path for the future of the California Republican Party. Two other candidates are running: Steve Frank and David Hadley.

Hadley, a former Assemblyman, has fundraising prowess, and Steve Frank looks to be a formidable tactician with knowledge of the operations of the California Republican Party. But Allen brings an energy to what is a dying organization. More importantly, Allen displays the sort of Shawn Steel-like courageous leadership and visions for a grass roots movement. From Allen’s linked article on FlashReport:

It is time for that to end. It is time for a Republican Revolution in California. It’s time that the Republican Party stands for our values, our ideals, and yes even supports our Republican President. It’s time for California Republicans to boldly declare our values and stop rationalizing the plainly visible failures of the California Democrats. It’s time for the Republican Party to lead once again.

To win, the Republican Party must start registering Republicans voters statewide again. From community gatherings to grocery stores to immigration ceremonies, statewide voter registration must be the primary mission of the Republican Party and the cornerstone of the revitalization of Republican organizations. Street by street precinct operations must be built from the ground up, with everyday Californians recruited to protect their own neighborhoods from the ravages of Democrat machine politicians. A statewide grassroots army, drawn from 5 million California Republicans and millions more conservative minded independents, must be systematically organized, funded, and engaged.

This isn’t a pipe dream. Republicans were beaten badly in 2018 because Democrats outhustled us. Trump wasn’t “too toxic,” conservatism isn’t out of style, and Californians are not a bunch of socialists. California Democrats stand for something, they move mountains to get their voters to the polls, and they legislate like they are about to lose the super majority they have. Republicans don’t do any of those things.

Hadley would be a great fundraising chair and Frank would make an excellent operations chief, but Travis Allen has the vision, strategy, and energy to lead our party back to winning some elections.


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  1. Ken Stone, et al –
    I read that because of Tony Krvaric, the San Diego Republican org. is the most well-funded. Great. But it does not appear to be the most effective. I witnessed in horror – the Blue Wave yet again this year that the Republican organization is unable to stop.
    So now I believe we need fresh blood -or- at least a strict adherence by Tony of the game-plan from our new GOP Chairman (hopefully) Travis Allen. To share another perspective, I copied and pasted Joseph John(Capt.-USNR-ret.)’s entire article below. You are free to read it or not.

    “Early “Unannounced” Election for the Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Central Committee

    The Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party, Tony Krvaric, has quietly moved up the date for the election of the Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party to be conducted early next week; he has been Chairman for 12 years. The current Chairman has decided to run for re-election. He informed his Central Committee “inner circle” that the election date has been moved up to next week.

    The current Chairman of the San Diego Republican Party has a Republican Party Treasury with over $600,000 in it, yet he did nothing to engage attorneys to monitor the count of absentee ballots, in order to protect all Republicans running for office in the 2018 Mid-Term Election. He should have done what Republican Parties did across the country, engage competent attorneys to ensure the count of absentee ballots was not corrupted, since the San Diego County Democrats were involved in “Ballot Harvesting” and defeated Republicans who ran for local, county, and state offices.

    In 2016, California Assembly Bill 1921 (AB1921), the “Ballot Harvesting” Law, was passed by both houses of the Democrat controlled state legislature. The bill was signed into law by far left Governor Brown in 2017, that law allows any person to hand deliver, to the polls or to the Registrar of Voters, a completed Absentee Ballot on behalf of “any other person”, which led to massive Voter Fraud employing “Ballot Harvesting” by Progressives and Democrats in the 2018 Mid-Term Election in San Diego County, throughout California, and in states like Florida.

    The Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party did very little to prevent the massive Voter Fraud perpetrated by the Progressives and Democrats in San Diego County during the 2018 Mid-Term Election. The Democrats in San Diego County took advantage of that new law. While the Republican Party in San Diego County did not even make any kind of effort, to blunt what the Democrats in San Diego County did to “Harvest Ballots”. They sat on their hands. “Ballot Harvesting” is illegal in most states. In Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania, law enforcement officers arrest anyone caught “Ballot Harvesting”.

    To fully understand how Democrats perpetrated the massive Voter Fraud, you have to understand what the California Motor Voter Law accomplishes. California’s Motor Voter Law allows all applicants for a California Drivers Licenses to register to vote. The applicant can register to vote by simply putting a check mark in a box, next to the question, asking if the applicant would like to register to vote.

    Then in n January 2015, California Assembly Bill 60 (AB60) was passed which authorized the issuance of drivers licenses to Illegal Aliens.

    Since 2015, periodic audits of Illegal Alien applications for drivers licenses, indicated that Illegal Aliens had in fact been putting a check in the box signifying that they would like to register to vote. The Illegal Alien’s contact information, in their applications for a driver’s license, is transmitted to their individual County Registrars of Voters, as being new Californians who want to register to vote. Despite the fact that they are Illegal Aliens, they have been able to make applications for Absentee Ballots, in order to illegally vote.

    Since 2015, thousands of Illegal Aliens have applied to register to vote at the DMV, and Absentee Ballots have been sent to thousands of Illegal Aliens, the estimated number of Illegal Aliens who may have registered to vote, and subsequently voted in the 2016 general election was estimated to be from between1 million, to possibly as high as 2 million. In the 2018 Mid-Term Election, illegally completed Absentee Ballots were harvested from the below listed multiple sources.

    Absentee Ballots were harvested from Illegal Aliens (who are not comfortable going to the polls to vote), were harvested from many thousands of student housing addresses on every California campus where students no longer reside, were harvested from the addresses of deceased voters who are still on the voter rolls, harvested from the old addresses of Californians who moved to out of state locations, were harvested from thousands of elderly voters in retirements homes who are unsupervised by family members, etc.

    Those “Harvested” Absentee Ballots, were then filled out by Progressive and Democrat operatives, and were hand delivered on election day throughout California, by the hundreds of thousands (250,000 new Absentee Ballots were submitted in Orange County alone, which resulted in the loss of races for 3 Republican Congressional incumbents and one open Republican Congressional seat.
    San Diegan voters do not know how many new Absentee Ballots were submitted in San Diego County because the Chairman of San Diego County Republican Party has not informed the San Diego Voters of that number. Many Republicans who held local, county, and state offices in San Diego County lost their elections in a massive Democrat landslide, because Democrats were “Harvesting Ballots” which permitted massive Voter Fraud in California in the 2018 Mid-Term Election. A total of 7 Congressional seats previously held by Republicans incumbents were won by Democrats employing the “Ballot Harvesting” method of Voter Fraud.

    In Orange County, more citizens voted for the Republican candidate for Governor, John Cox, than voted for the Democratic candidate for Governor. Gavin Newsom. One would then assume that the same number of votes that were cast for the Democrat candidate for Governor, would have also been cast for the Democrat candidates running for Congress. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

    It turns out that in Orange County, 290,000 more votes were cast for the Democrat candidates running for Congress, than were cast for the Democrat candidate for Governor, Gavin Newsom. Most of those 290,000 votes were Absentee Ballots that were hand submitted on election day (actually 250,000 were “Harvested” on election day). The counting of those “Harvested” Absentee Ballots, eventually were responsible for defeating 3 Republican Congressional incumbents who had actually won their races on election day, and the 4th Republican candidate running for Cong Darrell Issa’s vacated seat.

    The Progressives and Democrats who employed “Ballot Harvesting” and defeated many Republicans elected offices in San Diego County if action were taken like were taken in Florida to prevent “Ballot Harvesting”. Many Republican office holders in San Diego County thought they won their races on election night, but “Harvesting thousands of illegally submitted Absentee Ballots” changed the result of the election, one week later.

    The Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party knew in 2016, when AB 1921 was passed by both houses of the Democratically controlled state legislature, that “Harvesting of Absentee Ballots” would be permitted and legal in the 2018 Mid-Term Election. AB1921 allowed “Election Day” voter registration and election voting—the Democrats in San Diego County used the new law to their advantage, and the San Diego County Republican Party did nothing to combat it. The Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party was asleep at the switch, and either pretended the new process did not exist, or would not actually take place; the new law was simply ignored.

    Over the last 12 years, that Tony presided over San Diego County Republican Party has lost every Republican Congressional seat, except for one. While Tony has been in control of the San Diego County Republican Party for 12 years, the San Diego Unified School Board seats were completely taken over by Democrats, who are force feeding students with Islam and Sharia law in the teaching curriculum. Tony has also presided over the San Diego County Republican Party while most of the San Diego City Council seats have been won by Democrats.

    Rank and file Republicans fought hard to support Congressman Duncan Hunter’s re-election race, while Tony sat on the side lines, and watched the Democratic candidate who was supported by The Muslin Brotherhood International Terrorist organization, and their PR front Group, CAIR. CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Terrorist Funding Case in the history of the Republic, the Holy Land Foundation Case.

    You would have assumed Tony would have pulled all the stops to prevent the last Republican sear from being taken by a Democrat. . Tony did absolutely nothing to help re-elect Cong Hunter, and refused to allow Cong Hunter’s campaign material to be distributed with the campaign material that the San Diego County Republican Party distributed for all other Republican campaigns. If Tony is re-elected San Diegans will finally lose the last remaining Republican Congressional seat in 2020.

    San Diego desperately needs new leadership to head the San Diego County Republican Party. Tony’s re-election as San Diego County Republican Party Chairman is the worst thing that can possibly happen to the San Diego County Republican Party. After over 12 years of failing leadership that has just about destroyed the Republican Party in San Diego County, Tony does not deserve another term as Chairman of the San Diego Republican Party.

    If San Diego Republicans don’t fight back now, and elect a new more effective San Diego County Republican Party Chairman, in 2020, the Democrats in San Diego County will implement “Ballot Harvesting” again, and in 2020 National Election they will steal every remining Republican seat in San Diego County employing massive Voter Fraud. We encourage you to contact your representatives on the Central Committee, and tell them that you ant to elect a “new and more effective Chairman”; please pass this E-mail on to all Republican in San Diego County that you know.

    Nationally in the 2018 Mid-Term Congressional Election, Democrats won a majority of 38 seats in the US House of Representatives, which included the 7 of the 14 California Republican Congressional seats that were won by Democrat candidates for Congress who were employing the “Ballot Harvesting” Voter Fraud method. The Democrat majority in the House would have been 31, not 38, if it were not for “Ballot Harvesting”.

    Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
    Capt USNR(Ret)/Former FBI

    Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
    -Isaiah 6:8

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