When We Do What We Do Not Want You To Do, You Do Not Get To Do Anything About What We Do

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Democrats are so much fun when they lose elections. In my next blog, I will discuss their response to Scott Brown’s victory, but first, let’s back up and review, because actually, Democrats are fun no matter what the situation:

During the first six years George Bush was president, the Democrats said, “It is American tradition to criticize those in power, for it promotes checks and balances. Being a voice of dissent is very patriotic!”

After President Obama was elected, Democrats, now in the majority, said, “It is showing disunity to not support our president!”

But back when Republicans were in power, the minority Democratic Party said, “The people want bi-partisanship.”

Then, when Democrats re-took the House and the Senate, they said, “The people have spoken.”

And yet, two years later, when the people passed Proposition 8, Democrats said, “Sometimes people don’t know what’s best for them. That’s why we need judges.”

Meanwhile, as polls show that most people were against government controlled health care, Democratic politicians say that the polls are skewed. The polls showing a low approval rating for Obama are also skewed, supposedly.

But when Obama’s approval rating was high? “THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!”

Now tell the truth: Aren’t today’s Democratic politicians with all their fast dodge ball and lovable antics, more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

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