Times of SD: Sheriff Gore Aims to Issue More Concealed Gun Permits in San Diego County

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From an article by Ken Stone in Times of San Diego…

“We’re really trying to broaden the categories and not be a stickler as far as waiting for an actual threat,” Gore said, noting the case of a female real-estate agent who once confronted him.

“She said: ‘Sheriff, I’ve had a gun my entire life. I know how to shoot it. I grew up with guns. In the nature of my business, I’m out … doing open houses, and I don’t know who’s going to walk through that door.’”

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  1. Because he hasn’t for the last 10 years, and now that his opponent states he will, he’s now getting on the bandwagon? What epiphany did he suddenly have?

  2. Just apply so I can collect your application fee & deny your prime human right anyway, like I’ve been sued in federal court over.

  3. “…and I don’t know who’s going to walk through that door.” None of us do. Yet, Gore is armed and his office building has armed deputies and a metal detector at the door. The courts have armed bailiffs, metal detectors and an overwhelming number of judges/lawyers with CCW’s. Kamala’s office has metal detectors and armed Capitol Police. The CA state legislature has an armed Master at Arms and metal detectors. Jerry Brown has an armed CHP officer standing outside his office door, as well as metal detectors. Our County Board of Supervisors have armed deputies and metal detectors at the building entrance. In other words, our oligarchy has made sure THEY are well protected from anyone who walks through the door….yet the rest of us cannot be trusted to protect ourselves or our families. Hey SDROSTRA, how about putting in a CPRA request and write an article on all the politicians, judges, lawyers, et al in San Diego County who have been granted a CCW by SDCO?

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