Tim Donnelly Offers to Debate Neel Kashkari at the CRP Convention

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Assemblyman Tim Donnelly sent a letter to Neel Kashkari, and copied his supporters today:

Mr. Neel Kashkari,

You and I are both vying to represent the Republican Party in the upcoming gubernatorial election. While you and I have different visions of how to restore California to greatness, we share the same goal.

While we are both attempting to sway convention goers to ride along with our respective campaigns, it is imperative our fellow Republicans learn as much about our plans, our backgrounds, and our campaigns as possible. Even though we both have an “R” behind our names, you and I have different life experiences, ideas for California, and campaign focuses.

I believe that a good old-fashioned debate at the upcoming California Republican Party Convention is the perfect place to make that happen. There will be thousands of interested Republicans attending. The resulting coverage in the press will give all Californian’s a clear understanding of our visions.

Will you join me on stage for a friendly debate during the CRP Convention?Are you willing to discuss the issues facing our state amongst our Republican friends?

I believe the questions should be generated and fielded from each of the caucuses so that all are represented. I believe a portion of the debate should also include direct questioning and interaction between the two of us – that way no question is left unasked.

In the end, we need to unify our party to gear up for the fall. Our primary should be above negative, personal attacks. You and I should have a discussion on the direction we would take our state. Who better to host such a discussion than our friends in the California Republican Party? An exact time and location can be agreed upon by both our campaigns.

If you’re interested please respond by close of business on Wednesday so that we can arrange the details.


Tim Donnelly


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