Those Who Report Inaccurately About Tea Must Be Drinking Something Else

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I had a chance to attend my second Tea Party yesterday, at the Oceanside pier amphitheater, April 15th, 2010, Tax Tea Party Day.  This time I was able to take on a more active role.  Rick Amato did a terrific job emceeing the event on short notice, while I hosted his show from a KCBQ booth in the plaza,  doing a prerecording for a program that aired later in the evening.

I was grateful for this opportunity, because I constantly hear so many downright lies about Tea Parties from people who have obviously never been to one.  In my opening comments,  I mentioned the variety of people groups in attendance, not a bunch of all white, racist homophobes.  Later, when Dr. John Eastman  took the stage, informing the audience of his close tie with Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, the crowd of about 3000 cheered with fantastic enthusiasm. I went out of my way to mention this cheer a few minutes later over the air. After all, this is supposedly a collection of racist folk, who object to President Obama, not because of his tax and spend redistribution policies, but only because they “cannot handle an African American President.” Let me share with my readers what I shared with the radio audience: “The people at this Tea Party can think of many African-Americans who would have made good presidents. It’s just that Obama is not one of them.”

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  1. Bob, just to set the record straight, I never mentioned Justice Thomas. I said I had opposed the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor, unlike Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell. You may be confusing me with my friend, Dr. John Eastman, who worked for Justice Thomas in the Reagan Administration at the same time I was working in the Pentagon for Weinberger.

  2. And, there’s no one I know that has more integrity than Chuck DeVore, so if he said that’s what he said, rest assured, that’s exactly what he said. Thanks, Assemblyman, for reading our “little” blog!

  3. Post

    Sorry about the mix up, Mr. DeVore. The correction has been made. I guess I must have made the mistake because you and Eastman were easily the two best speakers at the Tea Party:)

  4. Congratulations to the GOP for taking this Tea Party rally and turning it into a whistle stop campaign tour for Republican candidates. Sadly, the rally turned into an anti-illegal immigrant show, coupled with the usual posturing against “waste, fraud and abuse.”

    Hell, even the Dems posture against waste, fraud and abuse. It’s a meaningless though popular harangue. Tell me — ever hear a candidate speak in FAVOR of waste, fraud and abuse?

    Lost was the emphasis on the 12,000 pound elephant on the stage — our runaway state and local public employee compensation — both salary and benefits. THAT is what is bankrupting our state and local governments, but it got short shrift in the rally.

    Even I didn’t touch on it in my VERY brief speaking time frame. I lacked the time, and what little time I had was cut short.

    Frankly I assumed others would dwell on our public employee problems. They didn’t.

    VERY disappointing, from my perspective.

  5. Dear Richard,
    How do you suggest we weed out the fake conservatives from the Republican party?

    As far as the San Diego GOP goes, Tony Krvaric and his crew crashed our party. We didn’t even know it until today…because we were all busy working the event. When is the GOP going to learn? They are going to force a third party with these types of shenanigans, which only hurts them. Apparently they haven’t heard us yet.

    That said, the Oceanside Tea Party wasn’t all bad.
    We had four major TV news stations and four newspapers in attendance. We helped legitimize the Tea Party platform to the general public by attracting the media as a result of the event’s size, professional appearance, and focus on the next election.

    Was the event perfect? No. Is there room for improvement? Of course. But knowing the hearts of the VOLUNTEERS who took time out of their lives and away from their families to orchestrate this event, I know we did the best we could.


  6. Dana, I don’t blame the GOP for taking advantage of the Tea Party operation. It would be folly to expect otherwise — nothing illegal was done, and, after all, the GOP is in the business of trying to get its people elected.

    I look upon the Oceanside rally as a learning experience. S.T.U. folks didn’t fully understand how the GOP would push for their candidates. And they didn’t realize how it would look — with 90% of the speakers being Republicans running for office — some with a checkered past when it came to taxes.

    It would have been better to have mostly noncandidates speaking. We could have had speakers from Jarvis, Reason, Pacific Research and other California pro-taxpxayer groups.

    And yes, I should have had more than three minutes to speak — compared with candidates getting 5-12 minutes (including questions). Truth is, I’ve saved San Diego County residents more taxes than all those candidates — combined.

    Believe me, as a 30 year volunteer in this fight, I appreciate how difficult it is for volunteers to run such a large rally. Damned impressive event, all things considered.

    I criticize what I feel needs criticizing, but I remain a staunch, enthusiastic supporter of the Tea Party movement and S.T.U. — and expect only improvement as our experience in such events grows.

  7. We thought because it was an election year that we should have candidates speak as Tea Partiers want to take action. We didn’t want it to feel like the speakers were preaching to the choir…but I guess some of that is always good to keep people motivated to take action.

    I think we naively thought the Republican candidates would show and keep the Republican Party at home. Lesson learned.

    The next time you see us going off a cliff, please say something earlier :o) It is because of your history that we would have taken any suggestions from you very seriously.

    Thanks for all you do. Next time, if there is a next time, you get at least 15 minutes!

  8. Thanks, Dana. Truth is, I’m a lousy organizer, and admin guy. That’s why I’m in such awe over the Tea Party efforts.

    My wisdom seems to be always 20/20 in such organizational matters.

    You’re right — I wasn’t paying attention. Besides, truth is, these large rallies are a new stage for the taxpayer movement. We are treading on unfamiliar ground here — and I’m glad we all get that opportunity.

  9. Flawless … for a Libertarian. LOL. We do try to correct such obviously unintended errors, especially if the commenter is engaging in legitimate debate, and in this case I believe we did catch the minor mistake. Thanks!

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