Their father’s hell did slowly go by

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Just this past week, a video was uploaded to social media, showing teenage-ish boys skateboarding on the granite walls of the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Monument. Fox 5 has the story and video.

“A skateboarder caused controversy Monday after a video surfaced of him riding across the sacred walls of the memorial honoring military members at Mt. Soledad.

“Over 5,000 Americans are etched into the black granite walls of the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial. It is considered one of the most unique veterans memorials in America, and people from all over the nation visit to honor the men and women that are listed on the plaques that cover the walls.”

The response across social media was (fittingly) collective outrage. How could such disrespect be shown to a Veterans monument, just days before Memorial Day?

I argue that this is a failure of my generation. We abandoned the responsibility to educate our children. Most of us delegated education to the professionals and failed to engage in the curriculum. Our casual indifference to what was going into our children’s minds permitted interlopers to change history and civics requirements and (in some extreme cases) leave an opening for the curricula to be perverted by people with an anti-American agenda.

Maybe these kids are just punks, who hate American veterans so much that they would openly debase the monuments erected to honor them. I don’t believe that.

I believe we face a crisis of Americanism in this country much like the crisis our forebears faced some 100 years ago. President Teddy Roosevelt laid out the case for civics education in an address to the Knights of Columbus, in 1915:

“Therefore, we should devote ourselves as a preparative to preparedness, alike in peace and war, to secure the three elemental things : one, a common language, the English language; two, the increase in our social loyalty citizenship absolutely undivided, a citizenship which acknowledges no flag except the flag of the United States and which emphatically repudiates all duality of intention or national loyalty; and third, an intelligent and resolute effort for the removal of industrial and social unrest, an effort which shall aim equally at securing every man his rights and to make every man understand that unless he in good faith performs his duties he is not entitled to any rights at all.”

Today, we could add the phrase “and our American youth” to the word “immigrant” in President Roosevelt’s address.

We can’t lay civics education of the next generation at the feet of military veterans alone. Less than 7% of this country served in the military and the warrior class becomes more nepotisitic with each generation. We can’t rely on the National Education Association to talk about our First Principles, America’s special place in the world, and the willingness of the American service member to selflessly place his/her body between the tyrants and the oppressed. America’s largest trade union is more interested in advancing “social justice” issues in the curricula than traditional American values.

This duty falls upon us and we’ve shirked it. If we believe (as President Reagan did) that “freedom is but one generation from extinction,” than the responsibility to teach the next generation WHY skateboarding on a veterans monument is wrong, falls upon us.

That means you. That means me. 

Teach your children well. Their father’s hell did slowly go by.


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  1. Kudos to Brian Brady for stating the truth once again. But will that challenge go any further?
    The GOP tout school choice as the ‘go-to solution’. But that won’t work. Why would they not know that?
    Over the last 5-6 years, I have personally talked to high students (either individually or in small groups) and only 3 of them knew the correct answer.
    What form of gov’t do we have in America?
    Those 3 who said ‘Republic’ were home schooled. All the others said Democracy or I don’t know.
    So now, you have a choice. Either remain silent and let the progressive globalists continue running public school curriculum as they have for the last 60+ years or you can help change what our kids are being taught.
    here is the link to my article. I believe that the results after one school year will be incredible ! Is there a high school principle gutsy enough to implement this solution?

    School Boards, politicians, etc have no interest in implementing it. No incentive obviously.
    So a solution is to put that choice right in the hands of the voters
    (parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles).
    I got the idea of creating a citizen ballot proposal just a month before the deadline and just ran out of time.
    So now, the plan is to complete that proposal and start to garner support from parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles in ALL parties to place that proposal on the ballot at the next general election.

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