The State Budget: Why doesn’t Sacramento get it, or, why do we continue to elect these people???

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Wouldn’t it be nice if for once, no matter how hard it might be for them, that a real budget would be approved by Sacramento politicians without any gimmicks and not based on optimistic revenue projections?

How about learning to live within your means?

I scream whenever I hear the term “optimistic revenue projections” used anytime regarding the budget, because I know those projections aren’t going to be reached.

So, regarding the budget Governor Brown is reportedly going to sign, here are some analogies to compare the logic behind the state’s budget as if I prepared my personal budget using the same thinking.

“Optimistic revenue projections”

I love my job and the pay covers the bills, but I just heard that the Director’s position is opening up and I’m going to apply for it. In all honesty, I have virtually no chance to get it, but it’s always good to think positive, so I’m going to base my budget on the salary that I will make if I become Director. I’m already planning on some big expenses based upon that rosy assumption. I guess this might be considered “Overly Optimistic”?


It would be nice if my mother would give me a large sum of money, but that isn’t going to happen, but what the heck, let’s plan a budget around that assumption! Oh, it’s not going to happen? Well, let’s figure that my in-laws are going to give us that money, another assumption that really doesn’t have a chance, but what the heck, let’s plan for it!

Luckily for our kids, both sets of grandparents have nicely funded their college fund. We can’t balance our budget as it is, so let’s cash out the kids college funds, and we’ll re-fund it later. Don’t know when, but we will, we promise. Can’t give you a timetable for that, but I know that our revenue must go up sooner or later.

On a final note, after preparing the budget above, I think it is important to teach our kids about fiscal responsibility. I would be a great teacher because I was able to create a balanced budget, or maybe I should run for public office. I think I would fit right in up in Sacramento!

I ask you, why do we put up with the same “wisdom” every year from Sacramento? Don’t the politicians realize that these methods don’t solve the problem, but make things worse? Why can’t we get leadership on both sides that will bite the bullet and give us an honest budget? Sure, it might really hurt for a while, but if that’s what’s needed to get our fiscal act in order, I’m ready.


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