The illegal immigration problem defined a little differently

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The illegal immigration topic certainly brings out passion from players on both sides of the issue. The underlying problems the country is facing only draws fire from American’s and hurt feelings from those who truly seek that better life. However, America is a country built on immigrants; most came legally and passed through Ellis Island. As the immigration debate festers to the boiling point it will be up to Americans to solve the deluge of problems ahead of the voters.

From time to time a perspective presents itself that may be thought, but never said out loud. The following is a narrative from a recently retired Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent who spent more than 20 years protecting the country on the frontlines and this his narrative.

By John Sakelarides

In recent organized demonstrations held in Arizona, “protesting” the newly enacted Arizona state law addressing illegal immigration, photos were taken of the “protestors”. Below, you will see the actual photos of the signs and banners displayed by those who oppose the State of Arizona’s sovereign right to protect its citizens and to ensure their territorial sovereignty remains intact.

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