The Hunter fallout: El Cajon Councilman Kalasho not happy with Supervisor Jacob

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Dianne Jacob’s SDUT comments yesterday in reference to Congressman Duncan Hunter also included her tweeting remarks about State Senator Joel Anderson and El Cajon Councilman Ben Kalasho. She tweeted that all three “have embarrassed themselves and failed those they were elected to serve.”

Ben Kalasho presented his reaction in the form of the following Facebook post and photo.

It appears that East County is not currently experiencing a love fest among politicians.

Dianne Jacob: “Character matters,” but intelligence matters more. Knowing the difference between an allegation and a charge. Of course, there was that time you begged me for an endorsement and begged me to allow you to speak before the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce during your what seemed to be the 100th year in office milking the system. #CareerPolitician #ComeCorrect #YourTimeIsUp #PoliticiansNeverLearn #KeepMyNameOutOfYourMouth #PictureSpeaksVolumes


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  1. Dianne Jacob selfishly voted to raise her own salary and retirement by double digits then cut the retirement of all other County employees and tried desperately to reduce their pay.

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