The Farm Bill: Short, but simple

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Republicans passing a so-called “Farm Bill” is a painful and expensive reminder that Republican does not equal conservative. It is immoral for the government to provide subsidies, insurance against risk and other advantages for one industry at the expense of the rest of us. And, of course, it flies in the face of federalism that this would happen at the federal level. Ashamed of my party today. —Jon Fleischman, FlashReport Publisher


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  1. It’s much worse than you think. The Farm Bill subsidizes the emptiest calories, which is why we have an obesity crisis.

  2. East County Republicans don’t seem to have a problem with crony capitalism and continue to vote for Duncan Hunter. H.R. 2

  3. President Trump cites higher import tariffs by our allies and trading partners as both the cause of trade deficits and the justification for retaliatory tariffs that are escalating toward a trade war that will harm American workers.

    He’s actually right that those import tariffs are higher, but what he fails to mention is that we subsidize the agricultural sector far more than our trading partners do, and there is an equilibrium between our unfair trade practices and theirs.

    If Trump wants equality of import tariffs, he could have it tomorrow with an agreement to lower our welfare (let’s be honest about what it is) for farmers.

    How will that play in Peoria?

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