Survey Says: Democrat Path to Victory in Sheriff’s Race

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Between April 25 and May 15, San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO) conducted a survey of its members and followers.  The survey link was posted on the SDCGO Facebook page and sent to the 3500+ people who receive our weekly newsletter.  We received a response from 744 members and non-members. The purpose was to find out more about the average SDCGO follower or member and their views on the sheriff’s race in relation to concealed carry weapon (CCW) permits.

There are currently two candidates for San Diego County Sheriff. The Republican incumbent, Sheriff Bill Gore, has a highly restrictive CCW issuance policy that basically amounts to a ban. His Democratic challenger, Commander David Myers, has expressed an interest in issuing more permits to law-abiding, trained applicants.

For an individual to be issued a CCW the State has many requirements, including, but not limited to passing a criminal background check, completing a class, and stating a “good cause”. The state leaves the definition of “good cause” to each sheriff or law enforcement official issuing a CCW permit. Sheriff Gore chooses to make it impossible for a law-abiding, trained applicant to obtain a CCW using “self-defense” or “personal protection” as their good cause.

Our survey focused on how much CCW policy and political party affiliation matter in a race for San Diego County Sheriff. The respondents tend to be highly engaged in Second Amendment issues so the results are not reflective of the general population of San Diego County nor can they be extrapolated across the entire voting population. However, the survey results show it does benefit Myers’ campaign as a Democrat to reverse Gore’s CCW ban to a policy that is more inclusive and falls in line with most other California counties and the rest of the country.

San Diego County is split between registered Republicans and Democrats so a Democratic Party candidate who can win the vote of Republicans focused on CCW policies is a possible path to victory. Our results suggest that Sheriff Gore’s CCW ban does not help him get votes in his own party and is an issue important enough to Republicans that it does not stop voters from crossing party lines. It also looks to be a problem for Gore when trying to sway party-undeclared voters.

On Sunday, June 4, Myers was a guest on 1170AM Gun Sports Radio and was asked about his CCW policies if elected in 2018. He was asked, “if a CCW applicant passes their criminal background check, it’s confirmed they are not under investigation, and they complete the required safety and firearms law class…as sheriff, will you issue them a CCW using personal protection or self-defense as their good cause?” Myers answered, “absolutely yes” adding “I am at odds with Bill Gore’s flawed and tortured attempt to deny law-abiding citizens the right to self-protection and he literally has wasted millions of taxpayers’ dollars trying to fight law-abiding citizens when he should be spending that money, say, combating hate-crime which has tripled.”

Myers’ full interview can be heard here:

The results from the 744 respondents are found below.

Male/Female: 85.74% male.


61.03% were members of SDCGO.


Less than 1% were 20 or less

6.04% were 21 to 29

14.91% were 30 to 39

24.59% were 40 to 49

24.86% were 50 to 59

27.68% were 60 or over


12.01% make $35,000 to $49,999

10.46% make $50,000 to 74,999

14.21% make $75,000 to $99,999

23.52% make $100,000 to $149,999

28.94% make $150,000 or more

Party Affiliation:

Republican 68.34%

Libertarian 4.78%

Democratic 3.48%

Undeclared 16.02%

How important is a candidate’s position on issuing CCWs (concealed carry permits) when deciding your vote for San Diego County Sheriff?

Not important at all:  less than 1% (2 people total)

Somewhat important: 9.00%

Very important: 89.11%

Would you vote for a candidate for San Diego County Sheriff who REFUSES to issue CCWs using self-defense/personal protection to meet the State’s requirement of “good cause”?

No: 90.86%

Yes: 7.66%

Would you vote for a candidate for San Diego County Sheriff who issues CCWs using self-defense/personal protection to meet the State’s requirement of “good cause” even if they did not share your political party affiliation?

No: 6.31%

Yes: 91.80%

Founded in 2015, the San Diego County Gun Owners is a registered political action committee (FPPC ID #1379388) and advocacy organization focused on organizing the gun industry and community and protecting the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment right to bear arms. In its first full year of operation, SDCGO said it raised more than $200,000 through sponsorship and membership dues, which range from $20 per month to $1,000 annually. The PAC provides news and information on new gun laws and Second Amendment advocacy. Its sponsored events include gun safety classes, small gun shows, sporting clay shoots, social gatherings and pistol, rifle and shotgun experiences taught by professional instructors. For more information, visit


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  1. As a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention, I attended a delegate meeting in LA prior to heading back to Cleveland. One of the speakers in LA was the head of the California Republican Party, Senator Jim Brulte. He said something we should all remember in situations like this. “Political races are never between a perfect candidate and an imperfect one. They are always between two imperfect ones.” Such is the case here. There’s plenty I disagree with Gore on, including CCW’s (my application is sitting in that pile waiting for the Supreme Court’s ruling on Peruta) but in the end, the list of things wrong with Myers (primarily that he is a Democrat in addition to a whole host of others) far outweigh Gore’s CCW stance. CCW is out of Gore’s hands and I am convinced the Supreme Court will take Peruta and rule favorably for those of us who support the Second Amendment. As to Gore, the County Republican Party and Central Committee need to look for a true Republican/Conservative the next time around. And no, I won’t be attending Gore’s retirement ceremony (though there’s little chance I would be invited).

  2. CCW is not out of Gore’s hands. Gore can change his “good cause” policy whenever he likes. The state requires Gore to have a “good cause” policy, but does not define it. Gore’s policy is far more restrictive than most the policy of most CA sheriffs and even if Gore wins in court, he can still change his policy to issue.

    Myers is a Dem and that might end up being a problem for some Republicans, but the issue of bearing arms could grab enough votes from not-declared and Republican voters to push him over the top.

  3. “the list of things wrong with Myers (primarily that he is a Democrat…)

    In case anyone forgot what why our political system is broken… Thanks for the reminder Louis.

  4. Our political system isn’t broken, it’s working exactly the way it should. People gave the Democrats a chance and, true to form, they created a huge mess. In the last election, the people of America righted the ship…except for California, of course.

  5. There are serious problems with Myers, too. To wit:

    “I would remiss, however, if I did not advise young LGBT, minority, and female individuals considering a career in policing to be aware of the subtle, but present, racism, homophobia and misogyny that is still embedded in the culture of many policing departments and agencies. By doing their jobs well, if not better than their colleagues, they will prove to everybody in their departments that one’s gender, sexual orientation”

    Got it. Cops suffer from “straight, white male privilege” (Myers’ words, not mine). When a man uses the phrase “straight,white male privilege” you have to wonder how he plans to execute the issuance of CCW permits

    “I am now a Commander with the Sheriff’s Department, which is pretty high up in the hierarchy. However, I believe that there is still latent homophobia in the Department, and it flows from the upper leadership down to the ranks. It is subtle, but it is still there in terms of performance evaluations, career advancement, job assignments, and out-of-office socializing. The days of out-and-out bigotry against lesbians and gay in law enforcement are pretty much over, but there is still a lingering perception among closeted deputies who believe that coming out is risky because the culture within the department is still very much a straight white male dominated one. Anyone who does not fit in this mold are relegated to a second class tier.”

    This is an interesting one for me. Myers praises Kolender for supporting his decision to come out but makes this statement about the Department, a department in which he was promoted to a high-ranking command position. His beef with Gore? Gore is a homophobe who’s homophobia infect the department. I don’t care much for Gore but a homophobe he is not.

    He has no intention of enforcing federal immigration law and has been quite public about “resisting Trump” every step of the way. I am thrilled that he stands for an individual’s civil right to keep and bear arms but he’s a train wreck….then again, Gore lies (as does Myers)

    I plan to write in Michael Schwartz

  6. My last job the Marines was as the Provost Marshal (Military Chief of Police) at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. Over the years those that I worked with, and those that worked with me, have migrated to law enforcement jobs all over the nation, including some with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. In addition to being a liberal, Myers is a bully and a man who reached his rank, like some do in every profession, by riding the coattails of a single individual. Voting for him would be a grave error and would do nothing to enhance County Law Enforcement in San Diego County.

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