Supervisor Jacob’s re-election committee releases fundraising totals

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Press Release (1/29/16)

San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob’s re-election committee today released fundraising totals, reporting almost 1,500 contributions totaling $431,242 during the 2016 campaign cycle, and total cash-on-hand as of December 31 of $607,258. Of the contributions received during this campaign cycle, over 95% were from residents of San Diego County.

“I’m deeply moved by the response of local residents over the past six months,” said Jacob. “Since special interest groups revealed they were promoting a challenger in my district, there has been a spontaneous outpouring of support for me unlike anything I’ve ever experienced,” she said.

“We’ve received support from small business owners, neighborhood leaders, women, law enforcement, Republicans, Democrats, religious leaders, conservationists, educators, farmers and ranchers. I’m so grateful to the hundreds of individuals who have made large and small contributions to my campaign,” said Jacob.

“Unlike my opponent’s supporters, my donors aren’t looking for special treatment at the expense of local residents; they just want a representative who will stand up and protect our communities,” she said. “Many of my supporters have told me they resent the self-appointed power-brokers who are trying to remove me from the Board of Supervisors and replace me with their hand-picked candidate,” she said.

Based on records available from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters, Jacob’s cash-on-hand is the highest total ever for a San Diego County Supervisor.

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  1. Checking out the Registrar of Voters’ site. Says here Jacob pulled in $118K from June 2015 through December 31, 2015. Meanwhile, Anderson brought in a measly $19K.

    Jacob more than crushed her opponent. She used a particle accelerator machine to propel charged particles his way at the speed of light. There is nothing left of that guy.

    More embarrassing than his $19K to her $118K, he spent $15K, which means he had a net increase of only $4K.

    In the immortal words of Porky Pig: “That’s all folks!”

  2. Here are the 2015 totals, as reported here yesterday…

    Dianne Jacob
    Total Raised: $385,151.52
    Cash on hand: $607,258.16
    Debt: $0

    Joel Anderson
    Total Raised: $273,660.71
    Cash on hand: $273,243.35
    Debt: $1,237.50

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