Stealth Gun Control From Obama

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This should be continually kept in mind: President Obama said he’s working on gun control “under the radar,” according to Jim and Sarah Brady, who visited the president on the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt on President Reagan.

Brady was severely wounded in the attack and the couple have become gun control advocates. The more recent assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and its associated killings have been seized upon by the gun control lobby to renew the push.

However, the Second Amendment stands in the way of gun control attempts, and courts have rebuffed legislative attempts to restrict gun rights. So Obama, with the help of his gun czar Steve Croley,  is preparing an end run around the law with executive regulations imposed unilaterally.

Since knowledge of Obama’s plans would risk a backlash, he’s trying to keep his actions quiet.

Three cheers for the most transparent administration in history!


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  1. We beg to differ. This post quite nicely and succinctly encapsulates the issue, while providing links to the more detailed information. It’s a blog. If you prefer length, please consider James Joyce.

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