Socialists and Fascists, Gathered Merrily

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Union thugs and greedy corporate oppressors are people too. And pretty nice ones, judging from the crowd last night at the third meetup between what Erica Holloway aptly referred to as “Rostrafarians, our liberal darling blogger friends at Two Cathedrals, and those hipster CityBeat cats.”

While the national media bemoans excessive partisanship and political polarization, it’s nice to see some friendly interaction across the lines. Healthy for democracy, and just a decent and fun thing to do.

Socialists and fascists, gathered happily, D-R-I-N-K-I-N-G!

Socialists and fascists, gathered happily, D-R-I-N-K-I-N-G!

Among the notables in attendence, the faaaaaabulous Champion of Workers Lorena Gonzalez and her neato Aquaman brother Marco Gonzalez, (I didn’t know they were related before last night), political superstrategist  John Dadian, Rostrafarians Gayle Falkenthal and Erica Holloway, SD CityBeaters David Rolland, Kelly Davis and Dave Maass, Two Cathedrals’ Lucas O’Connor, and many others, some of whose names I didn’t quite catch and don’t want to mangle.

Maass told me he’s taking part in the Dustball, which he describes as “a two-day, 1,500-mile (Correction: this year it’s 2,000 miles. Last year it was 1,500 miles) scavenger-hunt style road rally.” He’s done this before, and the rally organizers have chosen him to be their official blogger. And you can help:

“Thing is, I have to do a little fundraising for technology and my food budget (flight, hotels are covered). I’m using IndieGoGo, a “crowdfunding” website. I’m accepting small donations (as low as $5) all the way to big sponsorships. I’ve got a lot rewards for your funding contributions, including official T-shirts, framed photographs and knick-knacks from the road.”

Want to know more? Then watch Dave’s two-minute video pitch by clicking this sentence.

Did you attend the festivities? Feel free to add your scandalous recollections of transideological fraternizing in the comments.


(DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion, and not necessarily that of my employer, the North County Times. However, I suspect the NCT would agree that cordial transideological discourse is a good thing).


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  1. You were very much missed. Maybe we should do a special make-up happy hour later in the month.

  2. That was one heck of a fun event. Cheers and kudos to Erica and Lucas for investing their time and energy into ensuring that it turned out as well as it did — and oh my, what a great location!

    I told a number of people how amazing it is to be around so many way-intelligent people of varying ideological beliefs, yet there were no fistfights or ugly namecalling (other than, perhaps, in jest). It’s easy to shout things out on Twitter, but there is no ‘keyboard courage’ when you’re face-to-face with someone at a bar with other politcos and journos — only liquid courage.

    I can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Super company and super venue. Proper Gastropub was a wonderful venue and gracious host. The patio overlooking Petco Park is a hidden gem. Card-carrying capitalists should pay a visit and take a friend to support this local business.

    Let it also be known here that Jen Stone LOST her bet to Brian Holloway over the following question: Which has fewer calories, a pint of Guinness or a pint of Miller Lite?

  4. Hi All:

    A great night spent with great people! Glad everyone had fun, which is the true goal of these little get togethers. And as Dave McCulloch pointed out, it’s refreshing to talk politics with such a savvy group.

    Dave Maass.: Great idea! Barry’s absence certainly calls for a make-up session.

    Gayle: Lots of bets going on last night. What did Jen and Brian wager? I put a $100+ bottle of champagne on the line for my little bet. Serious stuff.

    Diana: That’s my favorite Sills artwork too. Cracked me up.

    See you all again soon!

    Best, Erica

  5. Diana:

    Thank you for the very kind words about my graphic artwork which Gayle F. calls the “Jim Sills show-and-tell style.” It’s good to learn you got a smile from some of them. We ought to be having fun here. 🙂

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