TONIGHT: So A Socialist, A Fascist, and a Reporter Walk Into a Bar…

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No, this is not a Saturday night Rostra field report. It’s your invitation to the first multi/omni-partisan event welcoming Rostra’s blogging colleagues across the aisle at Two Cathedrals to the San Diego Scene, aided and abetted by the San Diego City Beat journalists who delight in bedeviling us Rostrafarians.

So please join Rostra, Two Cathedrals and San Diego City Beat at our inaugural event to celebrate the flourishing of political discourse in San Diego. As our friend Lucas O’Connor says, “We may often be wrong, but none of us will ever be in doubt.”

We know that this discourse is often aided by adult beverages. Heck, let’s bring it out in the open and make it official.

Date: Thursday, March 3

Time:  6 – 8 p.m.

Place: Red Fox Steak House, 2223 El Cajon Boulevard

The Instigators: Barry Jantz, Erica Holloway, Lucas O’Connor, Jason Everitt, Kelly Davis, Dave Maass, and The Libertarian Lass

The guest list is far from discriminating. All who read this are welcome. There is no agenda other than the personal and/or political agenda you tote with you. There is no-host. In other words, you’re buying your own liquor unless you make other arrangements.

Oh, and how does the joke end? We won’t know until we try it. And you won’t know unless you’re a part of it.

What I want to know is whether Thor will be there.


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