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San Diego Councilman Scott Sherman:

I’ve worked with the mayor for six months (or so) now and I believe the allegations. If this were the private sector and the mayor behaved the way he does……….he would not be employable. It became very obvious shortly after I arrived at city hall that the mayor had a serious problem dealing with people. Bob Filner is the creepy uncle nobody wants to invite to Christmas dinner.



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  1. The tragic thing is that San Diego Democrats knew for years that Filner was a sexual predator and did NOTHING and said NOTHING. Even when Lori Saldana warned Jess Durfee, the Chairman of the San Diego Democrats, last year before the election about Filner, NO Democrat came forward and condemned him.

    Democrats, now is a little too late for moral courage.

  2. Democrat Party leaders have not exhibited any moral courage whatsoever — except the courage shown by the female victims who have come forward (all Dems so far, I believe). In essence, these women presented the Democrat leadership with two unpleasant choices:
    1. Continue to ignore Filner’s behavior, and the women would have gone to the press and the courts with their attorney.
    2. Call for Comrade Bob’s resignation, and pretend that these serial sexual abuses are all news to the Dem leadership.
    That’s not moral courage — their action is simply the best political choice, given the limited maneuvering room that they faced.

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