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In today’s SDUT story, Sam Abed using city website for his campaign, the Escondido Mayor says, “The link (from the city website to his campaign site) was cleared by the City Attorney for compliance, State Law and City Policies before it was created.”

There’s the legal and then there’s the ethical. There’s also common sense. If you don’t want headlines, don’t use public resources for campaign purposes. Oh, not just because of possible headlines, but also because it’s not appropriate.

Bad advice from an attorney aside, no one involved in politics more than about six months really thinks this is ok.


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  1. Only one TV show can properly define this campaign:

    “Escondido residents first confronted Abed about the link in August, and the mayor defended the link.”

    “On Monday, however, Abed said his campaign “overlooked” the link and took it down”

    “He did not reply to questions about why he kept the link for nearly three months after he first received complaints.”

  2. When this particular ethical lapse was pointed out to Sam, he denied there was anything wrong, saying the city attorney approved it. This is the same city attorney who thought it was OK to deny a property owner development rights by giving tacit approval to the City Council to hastily pass an ordinance declaring his property “open space”, and who signed off on a proposed ordinance to require landlords to verify legal status of their tenants. Both of those proposals, by the way, cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and were struck down.

    Even if you could forgive Sam’s ethical lapse (I cannot), his apparent willingness to take advice from a city attorney with such a poor track record (and also recently extend his employment contract) puts his basic judgment into question.

  3. Any City Attorney defending the decision to maintain the mayor’s linking his campaign fundraising website to the official website is likely well out of their depth.

    Not to mention in breach of their fiduciary duty.

    Mr. Epp has failed not only Sam Abed but also the City of Escondido.

    And it doesn’t take a member of the California State Bar to realize that.

    I for one am tired of the ‘power’ so many attorneys seem to believe they have over everyone.

    Guess what?

    Just because you have a Bar card doesn’t mean those of us who do not cannot read and write.

    This is exactly the sort of attitude that so pervades the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office AS WELL AS the Office of the San Diego County Counsel.

    The District Attorney is content with keeping deputy District Attorney’s ON STAFF trying cases involving driving while under the influence WHILE THEY THEMSELVES are facing the same allegations themselves.

    How would you like to know the attorney accusing you of a crime was herself ‘guilty’ of the very thing you’ve been accused of?

    Wouldn’t that give any reasonable person pause?

    Evidently not. As that individual is still on the job.

    Those of you reading this in government who have lawyers in your employ may wish to encourage attorneys you suspect of having a substance abuse problem to avail themselves of the ‘Lawyer Assistance Program’ offered through the California State Bar.

    Its been proven quite effective.

    My commentary about Mr. Epp’s oversight should in no way imply his oversight had anything whatsoever to do with a scurrilous habit; instead it points to a paradigm wherein good judgment is far too often deferred to those with hefty law degrees but scant amounts of good judgment and common sense.

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