Send Padilla Packing … Again!

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I find it interesting that Chula Vista’s former Port Commissioner, Mike Najera, was asked to resign due to his financial “instability”, only to replace him with Steve Padilla???? Is the Council crazy? Where were the questions to Padilla about his financial status and his recent foreclosure?
Padilla was the most controversial and wasteful Mayor Chula Vista has ever had.  He spent $10,000 a month on a bodyguard (ironically, John McCann was the one who put a stop to that). He spent the citizens’ money on everything he could think of.  Napolean complex for sure.  He was in a mound of debt personally and he went and bought himself a BMW as a gift to himself – great money management skills. He recently lost his house because of those same lacking money management skills. Yet, the Council failed to act responsibly and ask Padilla the very same questions that ousted Najera!  How can Chula Vista trust Ramirez, Bensoussan and now Thompson?
The Chula Vista Mayor and Council need to start acting on the side of the line where ethics and morals are found instead of crossing that line whenever it is beneficial to them. Chula Vista’s elected officials owe it to the citizens of Chula Vista to do what is right, not what is convenient.


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  1. Mayor Cox had it right, there was no need to appoint someone to fill McCann’s seat while he’s in Iraq. The lawsuit will be filed, the council will waste more taxpayer dollars and every vote taken by Thompson and Padilla will be voided after the court rules against the Council’s action.

    Padilla is a profligate spender and his record is again open and fair game.

    Let the games begin!

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