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  1. Again, Craig and Brian are probably more idealistic than I am, but I see no problem with an elected official getting close with his Party’s presumptive standard bearer. It is simply the smart politics.

  2. It seems inevitable that trump will get the nod. Better him than Hillary. Then again better dean spanos, the unabomber or the guy who piloted the Exxon valdez than Hillary.

  3. “Idealistic,” no; but, like everyone else–except, perhaps, professional politicians–I do have ideals. Nothing lofty or grand, but these would preclude me from acknowledging Trump and Hillary in any way other than spitting in their faces.

  4. Craig,

    One of them (Trump or Clinton) will almost certainly be the next President of the United States. Not only would “spitting in their face” be inappropriate, but so would rooting for anything other than success.

  5. Not rooting for failure, Hypocrisy, but the realist in me has trouble imagining any other outcome with either of these fecal specimens in charge.

  6. I was speaking today at Ramona TEA’d as part of my race for assembly in the 71st. What most in power may not fully understand is how ticked off the rank file Republicans are at the GOP. I mentioned Donald Trump in my speech, stating that people are grabbing for someone who they believe is not controlled by special interests. Most folks know that the system is crooked, that political special interest money is not spent or donated to campaigns to better the average person’s lives. But since times are tough, the voters care more and want to send a message. I received an actual written message on a scrap piece of paper from someone who attended today’s event. I think it sums up the mood for many Americans. Here’s what the note said: “Donald Trump is the big middle finger by the average American to the GOP establishment.” I think this is going to be an interesting election year if this is the true feeling of the average American.

  7. Brian,

    It’s over. Although, I suppose the delegates could pass a rule freeing themselves from being bound on the first ballot. Or, they could just pass a rule that anyone with the initials D.T. is not eligible to have his name put in for nomination.

  8. To Cruz Supporters,

    It’s time for the local GOP to support who the people are supporting, our next Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. All other talk is a waste of time and will destroy the party and chances in November of beating Hillary. And for those who don’t think Trump can beat Hillary, you might want to read what folks said early on about Trump’s chances of beating Bush and others . Trump can beat Hillary.

  9. Maybe Trump can beat Hillary, maybe not.
    To many of us, it’s a matter of relative indifference.
    “Choose your executioner.”

  10. Brian,

    The first stage of grief is denial. I expect to hear your anger after Indiana votes Tuesday.

  11. No anger at all. I EXPECT America to elect statists but…

    every now and then, we get a couple of constitutional candidates in the GOP. The Democrats gave up on the Constitution 56 years ago.

    We had Ron Paul in 2008. He was joined by Johnson (and maybe you could call Perry one) in 2012. This cycle, we had Walker, Perry, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz (and Johnson is likely to be on the general election ballot — against Ted Cruz).

    I’m optimistic. I still think Indy will go for Cruz but, if not, he’ll beat the next one-term President in 2020.

  12. Brian,

    What is a “statist?”

    If I want a strong military to protect my country from invasion and protect our interests and allies around the world, am I a statist?

    If I want a strong local police and fire fighter presence to protect me and my neighbors from criminals and disasters (natural and man-made), am I a statist.

    If I want roads and bridges that I can safely travel on, am I a statist?

    If I want clean water coming from my faucet and shower, am I a statist?

    If I want to know that my food is safe to eat and the air is safe to breathe, am I a statist?

    Help me out here. What exactly is a “statist?”

  13. HQ,

    If you think government is the only way to get security, roads, or clean water, then yes, you’re a statist.

    And if you think that wanting security, roads, and clean water justifies current government spending of 35% of GDP (plus running up trillions more in unfunded liabilities), then yes, you’re a statist.

  14. ” If you think government is the only way to get security, roads, or clean water, then yes, you’re a statist”

    …and incredibly unimaginative with a generally pessimistic view about human nature.

  15. Not that anyone’s denying a uniquely indispensable role for government, (I hope).

  16. WC,

    “If you think government is the only way to get security…, you’re a statist.”

    Assuming you do not think being a statist is a good thing, does it then follow that you think we should disband the military and local police so that individuals can be responsible for their own security?

  17. It’s over now. Cruz is OUT.

    Donald Trump WILL be the Republican nominee for president. Time for folks to get behind him. I think this will be the year where some career politicians will lose big. Some have already. I am counting on it in my race for the 71st.

    And YES, Donald will beat Hillary.

    Tony Teora for State Assembly 71st

  18. …Kasich campaign just leaked he will announce the suspension of his campaign…

    ….Brian, my brother political aficionado…its now officially over!

    Its a new day….Car pe diem!!!

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