SDCTA Joins Defend Prop 13 Coalition

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Press Release

Group aims to ward off efforts to undermine landmark property tax law

(San Diego) – The San Diego County Taxpayers Association’s board today voted to join Defend Proposition 13, a statewide coalition of business and good-government advocates in opposing the current efforts to undermine Proposition 13, the 1978 initiative that limits property taxation and mandates special taxes be approved by a supermajority of voters.

Last month, a Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA 5) was introduced in the California Senate to split the property tax rolls between residential and commercial properties to allow for more frequent adjustment of commercial property tax values, which would lead to higher property taxes for businesses.

In its recent economic study on the impacts of a split-roll system, the SDCTA found that a split-roll system would amount to a massive tax increase on San Diego businesses, which would lead to higher consumer prices and the loss of thousands of jobs in the region.

“Joining the Defend Proposition 13 coalition is only the first step in opposing this attack on one of the most important propositions ever passed by voters,” said Theresa Andrews, SDCTA interim president and CEO. “In our analysis of the split roll property tax, we found that the estimated initial economic impact is potentially as high as $355.4 million annually equating to 2,240 jobs in San Diego alone. We have a long history of protecting taxpayers against unnecessary taxes and fees that impact our quality of life. “

While it’s unlikely that SCA 5 will garner the required two-thirds majority vote in the Legislature needed to put the proposal on the ballot without gathering signatures, the coalition is anticipating an effort to collect signatures to put a split-roll proposal on the ballot will follow SCA 5’s failure.

The SDCTA study on split-roll property taxation can be downloaded here:

A “Split-Roll” Property Tax System and San Diego’s Economy


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  1. Needless to say, San Diego Tax Fighters joined the coalition some time ago. Glad to have the FAR more influential SDCTA joining us.

    NOTE: I AM an SDCTA member, and active on their Issues Committee (but not on the board of directors).

  2. Thanks, Richard. San Diego County Taxpayers Association will be weighing in on ballot measures and tax issues, with or without liberty-minded folks involved and trying to influence the organization’s decisions. As a board member, I know which I’d prefer.

  3. Richard,

    Good to hear that you are involved with SDCTA. That is a powerful endorsement, and a good sign they are moving in the right direction.

  4. W.C. Varones — Thanks. But, just to be clear, my activity with SDCTA should not be considered a blanket endorsement of the organization. The battle over government taxes and fees rages within the outfit.

    The outcome is never clear-cut. Indeed, my sense is that recently the group has moved away somewhat from their pro-taxpayer views of recent years.

    Their top priority is “good government,” a mushy goal that can be used by either side to support their agenda. And there are many special interest groups in the mix. In a pinch, the group can be more “pro-business” than pro taxpayer.

    BOTTOM LINE: Don’t mindlessly accept the SDCTA positions. And certainly don’t think their decisions on issues necessarily reflect my unabashedly pro-taxpayer viewpoint.

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