UPDATE WARNING LIFTED: SD CityBeat Hit By Warning of Malware

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UPDATE: The malware warning was gone when I checked at 2:50. So cruise on over once again to SD CityBeat.`


Those hipster cats at San Diego CityBeat are having a rough day: Their Web site has been flagged as containing malware. Not only that, but so have other, unrelated CityBeat Web sites across the country, such as in Cincinnati.

What could cause this? One possibility is that an “upgrade” at the Cincinnati CityBeat’s Web page is responsible. A Sept. 8 post about its makeover has a comment about it being flagged as containing malware. (The link goes to a non-CityBeat blog in Cincinnati). Could that be related to SD CityBeat’s woes, even though the two have different corporate owners? Perhaps a return to its old name of SLAMM might help . . .

My condolences to SD CityBeat, and best wishes to clear up this mess ASAP.


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  1. Are you saying that people who visit the City Beat
    website may expose their computers to damaging

    Who threw the flag?

  2. Post

    Jim, just to be safe, don’t visit the site until the warning is lifted, Just Google CityBeat, and look to see if the warning is still here – no danger from just googling the name.

    I don’t know who identified the site(s) as containing malware. Since other CityBeat sites are involved, there is probably something in common. Dave Rolland, if he is reading this, can tell you more.

  3. There was an issue with the server used by our content developer. It affected several alt-weekly sites, including Cincinnati (same name, no affiliation other than friendship). The problem has been fixed.

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