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  1. It will be interesting to see if he endorses the other RPSDC designate, Mr. DeMaio for the 52nd. He and the GOP anointed candidate have been “frosty” in their relationship, to say the least. In fact, the mayor had some rather direct and revealing observations regarding Mr. DeMaio’s creative crafting of the 2012 budget political narrative at the Mayor’s expense.

    Isn’t the “budget” reform mantra the center-of-gravity for DeMaio’s advocacy…wasn’t that the lynch pin that “good” Republicans were supposed to get in lock step to support Mr. DeMaio? That was the raison det the GOP was touting, and “fiscal conservatives” would lead with in any discussion of the endorsee…yet, the guy who is endorsing Faulconer, the RPSDC mayoral endorsee, didn’t see Mr. DeMaio as the budget champion as we are led to fact, he called it, “bullsh*t”! (direct quote)

    Well, of course politics being such, Sanders finally, holding his nose no doubt, endorsed DeMaio in his last recent failing bid for Mayor in 2012…it was over Filner, so not a great deal of “skin” was shed for that choice…

    Will be interesting to see who Sanders endorses for the 52nd…Does he vote with his conscience and revitalize his reputation as a Republican that can be trusted or is he ultimately to be cajoled by the powerful Star Chamber forces of the New Generation GOP?

    Stay Tuned!

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