San Diego “MoneyBomb” — Tax Day 2010

Carl DeMaio Carl DeMaio


April 15 is TAX DAY! San Diegans are asked to commemorate Tax Day 2010 by participating in a “MoneyBomb” to raise funds to advance fiscal reform in city government.

A “MoneyBomb” is a coordinated online fundraising effort where individuals donate all on the same day — in this case, April 15.  The tool has been successfully used by Ron Paul, Scott Brown, even Obama.

All donations during this “Money Bomb” will support the campaign to pass the San Diego “Competition and Transparency in City Contracting Initiative” which is being put to a public vote this November.

The ballot measure is sponsored by Councilmember Carl DeMaio — San Diego’s taxpayer watchdog. It requires that city departments implement competitive bidding to save taxpayers millions annually.

You can help in three ways:

1. Post the money bomb to your Facebook page (Click here)

2. Sign and get others to sign the petition (Click here)

3. Donate any amount to the cause (Click here)

Anyone who donates during the April 15 “MoneyBomb” is invited to join Councilmember DeMaio and supporters for a special Wine Tasting Reception the evening of April 15.

Vin De Syrah Wine Bar
901 5th Avenue, San Diego 92101

This April 15 you must pay your taxes — but by supporting DeMaio’s ballot measure, you can help reduce government waste and ensure your tax dollars are more wisely spent. Please invite your friends to participate in the April 15 San Diego MoneyBomb!