San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer Running for California Governor in 2022 ?

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It’s the night before Election Day and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer sent me an email. In it, he talked about how important this election was along with his ballot recommendations; he and I agree for the most part.

I have become a grumpy, old libertarian who believes that voting for ANY ballot proposition is bad because it encourages the ballot proposition process, which I oppose. I think laws should be made by legislators and approved by the Governor. If you don’t like the laws they make, vote them out of office. In short, I think that one reason the GOP can’t win in California is because we keep cleaning up the mess the Democrats make through ballot propositions. But I played along this year and voted no on everything but Prop 22 and Measure E.  It was nice to get Faulconer’s ballot recommendations, though.

At the bottom of the email was a section called “Faulconer’s Fix”. In that section, he talked about his efforts to fight Gov. Newsom over school closures and linked an article which Ron Nehring wrote last week. Nehring was arguing that nobody should “anoint” John Cox as  the Republican candidate for Governor in 2022 — and he made a solid case for Mayor Faulconer :

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is a top prospect to be our Republican nominee for Governor. Faulconer won the mayor’s office twice in an increasingly Democratic city. He has demonstrated the ability to build the kind of bipartisan coalition essential to winning statewide. He has a strong case to make.

Competitive primaries can be healthy for the party. Candidates never wish for a competitive primary, but they tend to force candidates to organize earlier while sharpening their messaging.

Our 2018 nominee, John Cox, clearly is interested in running again. His exploratory committee demonstrated this over the last few days by circulating a polling memo they claim “revealed an electorate that has solidified support for Republican candidate John Cox over San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer.”

The claim is absurd. No reporter, Republican leader, elected official, candidate, delegate or voter should take it seriously. The state’s political press yawned.

Nehring ain’t wrong. While Cox is a good man, he has never won an election (he lost a few times in two states) and was crushed in 2018. Cox earned 38% of the votes — fewer than Neel Kashkari earned in 2014 and Meg Whitman earned in 2010. Cox has no business “declaring” that only he can be the legitimate Republican nominee in 2022.

Based on tonight’s email, Faulconer could be running for Governor in 2022. Oh, the email’s footer showed that it came from “Golden State Consultants” so I would bet that he’s definitely running.

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DISCLOSURE: The author donated to both of Kevin Faulconer’s Mayoral campaigns and supported Cox for Governor, over Travis Allen, at the CRP Endorsement vote.


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