San Diego LBGT “Leaders” Owe DeMaio An Apology But Nobody Is Holding Their Breath

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The “leaders ” in the “Big G” gay political movement owe Carl DeMaio an apology.  After decades of chastising straight America for holding homophobic stereotypes about gay men, they refuse to stand up for a small g gay candidate, while similar tactics are used against him.  They were silent when DeMaio’s Mayoral campaign opponents tried to dig up dirt on him and shop it to San Diego media, they guffawed when State Senator Ben Hueso made a ridiculous accusation about a men’s room encounter, and piled on when a now debunked lie about sexual harassment was advanced by a dismissed campaign staffer.

Nicole Murray Ramirez is the exception.  The “Mayor of Hillcrest” turned in his D voter card and smacked Big Gay right between the eyes:

Now, a former gay staffer who was obsessed and fancied himself as a future boyfriend for Carl has joined the smearing DeMaio campaign and filed his suit after the police questioned him about being the lead subject in a DeMaio headquarters burglary.

And to see Jess Durfee, the past chair of the Democratic Central Committee who never came out blasting Bob Filner for his admitted sexual conduct, attack Carl when nothing has been (nor will be) proven. Well, shame on you Jess Durfee.

We are talking about someone’s life and reputation, but many Democrats and gays don’t care. All they want to do is destroy Carl DeMaio by any means necessary.

I am so disgusted with the local Democratic Party and Scott Peters that after decades of being a Democrat I am going to re-register as an Independent.


Why would so-called “leaders” of the LGBT political movement want to see a gay candidate ruined?  Because he’s not a member of Big Gay.  DeMaio chooses to focus his efforts on fiscal policy rather than make his sexuality an issue.  He’s a small g gay candidate and that doesn’t serve their agenda.  While the LGBT political movement subpoenas preachers’ sermons, sends teenage boys into the girls’ locker room, sues businesses, and tries to get ministers to bow to its religious jihad,  DeMaio is crafting policy about a balanced budget, a humble foreign policy, a more robust civil society, and a federal government which operates  efficiently and within the confines of the constitution.

That ain’t gonna make make money or consolidate power for the grifters, so DeMaio has to be defeated…at any cost…even if it betrays their (so-called) principles.

Kudos to the Mayor of Hillcrest for standing up for his principles and to hell with the hypocrites in Big Gay.


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  1. “a now debunked lie about sexual harassment.” How was it debunked? By the DA choosing not to prosecute? By that standard, DeMaio’s former assistant was also innocent of the break in at campaign headquarters and DeMaio is a liar who is facing a potential slander lawsuit for claiming Mr. Bosnich was the guilty party.

  2. I applaud Nicole Murray Ramirez for having the courage to stand up to the Nazi Gestapo tactics of the “Big Gay” political movement in San Diego. The tactics they’re using against Carl are nothing but hate. This is what they are. It is important to remember that “Big Gay” are extreme leftists in the mold of Eric Holder and Harry Reid who will do anything to destroy people who don’t agree with them or adhere rigidly to their agenda . Kevin Faulconer went out of his way to reach out to the gay community in the mayoral election and was rewarded by “Big Gay” heavily supporting his extreme leftist opponent, David Alvarez. My gay friends who want to live and let live are appalled by the hate tactics of “Big Gay” and want nothing to do with them. “Big Gay”, Jess Durfee, and the San Diego Democrat party, time to put aside your hate and live and let live. But then again, I won’t be surprised if they don’t because they will use any slimy tactic to win. Leftist haters gotta hate.

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