San Diego is a Purplish-Blue County Now

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Republicans are the minority party of the electorate in San Diego County.  From Flash Report:

Democrats have the plurality of registered voters by party registration in San Diego County after the state reported  its pre-election breakdown of  political party registration in the state.  Democrats comprise almost 35% of registered voters in San Diego County, with GOP voters sliding to second-place with a little more than 33% and “no party preference” making 26.52%.

Are conservatives leaving because our candidates don’t reflect the CRP Platform or are moderates leaving because the platform is too rigid? Is it an issue with the local party, an issue with the national party, an issue with local elected Republicans, or an issue with nationally elected Republicans?

…or are we just getting outhustled?


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  1. Someone needs to poll the “no party preference” folks and ask if they generally vote for the Democrat or the Republican candidate. I think the results of that poll would go a long way toward answering your questions.

  2. The middle class families are voting with their feet and leaving. Our growth is from immigration and they tend to be democrats, that’s what I read anyway. HQ brings up a good point.

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