San Diego County Taxpayers Association Represents Rotarian Socialists

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I said this four years ago and I will say it again:   the San Diego County Taxpayers Association doesn’t represent taxpayers.  SDCTA represents the rotarian socialists who have infiltrated the Board of Directors:   representatives from big business, taxpayer funded entities, construction interests, public sector unions, political consulting forms, and law firms.  All of these entities benefit from fleecing taxpayers.

In a stunning display of naked theft, the SDCTA unanimously supported the SANDAG “Highway Robbery” tax hike on the November ballot.  Unanimous– not ONE board member voted against this tax hike.

What can  you do?  Resign your membership from SDCTA.  Never support their “Golden Fleece Awards”.  Denounce them. 

And defeat this horrible SANDAG “TransNet” tax hike this November.


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  1. I’m a member of SDCTA, active on their Issues Subcommittee. I’ve chosen to work from within, providing a true taxpayer advocate’s voice. But the nature of SDCTA is why we formed San Diego Tax Fighters.

    The SDCTA board is NOT elected. It’s “pay to play.” One must contribute at LEAST $5,000 to be on the board — usually funds contributed by one’s firm or labor union. The subcommittees and staff can make whatever recommendations they wish — but it’s SOLELY up to the board to decide.

    Perhaps that that is only fair. They pay the bills.

    But it’s important to know that SDCTA is NOT a “taxpayer” organization — the name notwithstanding. It’s a BUSINESS organization dominated by construction firms who pay the substantial overhead of the organization. Their interest is in “efficiency” and “good government” (however one wants to define that).

    Sometimes SDCTA gets it right on tax issues. But increasingly they don’t — especially when concrete is involved.

    It’s why we formed our slipshod, rinky-dink San Diego Tax Fighters group in 1999. We are an UNABASHEDLY pro-taxpayer, grassroots outfit dedicated to the premise that in California “we pay too much already.” Indeed, that’s our group’s motto.

    I expect to be quite active between now and November, arguing in favor of California taxpayers. With each taxpayer facing somewhere between 5 an 9 tax increases on the upcoming ballot (depending on the voter’s jurisdiction), it’s gonna be a busy time.

    And just maybe taxpayers will be so enraged by all the tax increases that this time they will vote “HELL NO!” on all these measures. I’m actually hopeful that such is the case in San Diego County.

  2. It should be noted that just about EVERY large city or county in California has a similar “taxpayer” organization. The business model is widely used — call the cabal a “taxpayer” group — purportedly speaking on behalf of the taxpayers when they are REALLY speaking on behalf of big business, construction firms and special interests.

    And BTW, it’s the same for the bigger Chamber of Commerce chapters — run by and for special interests, and NOT run for the small business owner — or taxpayers. Indeed, many on the C of C boards don’t engage in “commerce” as most of us would envision it. Lawyers, accountants, architects, professional lobbyists, labor union reps and even government bureaucrats are on these C of C boards.

  3. “Contributed by one’s firm or labor union.”

    How many labor unions are represented on the SDCTA Board?

  4. HQ, only one that I’m aware of — Michael Zucchet. And his union is the MEA, the city’s main public employee labor union.

    Glad you asked!

  5. Looking at the website, I find that there are more than 50 Board Members. I doubt the one token labor representative has much, if any, clout on their decision making.

  6. HQ, wouldn’t it be nice if SDCTA had a “token” pro-taxpayer representative? Just one??

    I mean, after all, it IS supposedly a “taxpayers association.”

    30% to 50+% of county voters will vote NO on the SANDAG sales tax in November. Yet SDCTA votes UNANIMOUSLY to support the tax? Naturally YOU don’t have a problem with that, but I do.

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