San Diego County Taxpayers Association Opposes Three June Ballot Measures

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The San Diego County Taxpayers Association announced its opposition to three ballot measures in the upcoming June primary election.

The Association opposes Proposition B, the countywide measure calling for term limits on the Board of Supervisors.  Association President & CEO Lani Lutar says the board of directors believes the measure is a poor public policy approach, and could potentially create the same sort of chaos in San Diego seen in the state legislature in Sacramento.

The Association also opposes two revenue generation measures in the coastal cities of Del Mar and Solana Beach. Proposition J would impose a transient occupancy tax on short term rentals of 30 days or less; Propsition L would impose a new business tax in the City of Solana Beach. Lutar says neither city has fully explored ways to cut spending, calling for “reform before revenue.” She added that neither measure ensures funds will go to essential services, and could just as easily end up paying for increased salaries and pensions.

Full staff reports on these measures are available for true policy wonk enjoyment at

For the rest of us, let’s review. Supervisor term limits: BAD. Del Mar and Solana Beach asking for more tax money: BAD.


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