Russ Hall endorses Jill Galvez for CV City Council

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This email was just forwarded to me by a colleague. Maybe Larry will have a response to the accusations that he has supported Democrats in the past (Pamela Bensoussan most recently if I remember correctly). Read on…


Dear Fellow Chula Vistan,

In 2008, I ran for the City Council and as you may recall, lost by an ultra slim margin of 46 votes while accumulating nearly 34,000. This year I have searched and researched the four current candidates for our City Council. What I looked for is a candidate with superior professional background, bonafide business credentials and most of all an unquestionable sense of ethic. Further, this candidate needed to share my vision for Chula Vista which is centered on business and economic development, preservation of basic city services while not spending what the City does not have and maintaining city infrastructure.

I am pleased to announce that I have found that Jill Galvez will carry forward the very same vision that had I been elected, would have followed. Jill has by far a superior resume of experience as compared to any of her three competitors. She is exactly the right candidate at the right time that we so sorely need in Chula Vista. Most importantly, Jill is not beholding to any special interest as compared to all three of her competitors. No one owns Jill Galvez. She is one hundred percent “genuine issue”. I can’t say that about many of the politicos I have encountered in my 20 plus years of civic involvement in Chula Vista. Jill is the “real deal”.

I also want to speak specifically to my fellow Republicans. Please disregard the candidacy of Larry Brietfelder. You need to be aware that Brietfelder has failed to support Republican candidates numerous times and in fact has worked to defeat us time and again. He is not a genuine Republican. He has been responsible for water rate increases as a water board member. He himself has done nothing remarkable as a water board member. His so called “taxpayer association” has been personanongrata during the most crucial debates on city budget reform. He has failed to lead his “association” which seems to be on the brink of total collapse due to the inattention from its leader, Mr. Brietfelder. You should be aware that most of the political money being donated to Brietfelder is from outside of Chula Vista. And what is most telling is that he does not have any endorsement support from current Chula Vista civic leaders.

In conclusion, I am proud to endorse Jill Galvez for the City Council of Chula Vista. If you voted for Russ Hall in 2008, please vote for Jill on June 8th and let ethical common sense return to our City Council!


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  1. Larry knows exactly how I feel and why because I have told him to his face. He knows what he has done and has shown no remorse. He needed to mend fences and failed miserably. He makes excuse after excuse for his behaviors. For Larry, its not about being a Republican its about what will make Larry look good at the time.

    Had he done his part as a good Republican, chances are myself and Scott Vinson would have been in office. He is extremely anti-Cox. He was a fund raiser and backer of Steve Padilla. He has been openly sympathetic to Casteneda and Ramirez.

    He failed to support Ed Herrera numerous times when Ed was demanding budget reforms in CV. Larry was nowhere to be found. He sued the taxpayers of the city and then got upset when his name was revealed.

    Larry is always about Larry.

    He has not one endorsement from a Chula Vista civic leader. That should speak volumes.

    His campaign to date has been a disaster.

    I’ve warned our party about this guy and it has been no secret regarding my disgust for Larry.

    If anyone has an issue with this, you know where to find me.

  2. The time since the 2008 election has been hard on Russ. Losing by less than 50 votes has to be a hard thing to live with. Apparently I should have engaged with him more.

    Just so you know, I did endorse Russ in 2008. His opponent was very weak and Russ was quite well funded. Few of us really thought Russ would need additional help. As I’ve told him, if I knew in advance what would happen I would certainly have done more. I’m sure a lot of people would.

    The reference to Steve Padilla pertains to the 2002 Mayoral election. Padilla was running against VERY liberal Democratic Latina activist Mary Salas. Practically the whole Republican establishment backed Padilla (who at that point had both some serious law and order and fiscal conservative credentials) in this context.

    It’s well known that Mayor Cox and I have had our policy disagreements. I’ve gone on the record elsewhere in Rostra as having confidence that we are both up to fulfilling our responsibilities to the city by working together constructively. Not squabbling like small children.

    For the record as of a year ago I had the endorsement from our esteemed former police chief and well over 100 active community members. I stopped soliciting and counting at that point because it just never seemed to be an issue for one already known in the community.

    Make of it what you will, but endorsements from city hall and the people and entities associated with it don’t seem to be much of an asset this year. Maybe it had something to do with our chamber of commerce endorsing against Fair and Open Competition and for the city council candidacy of Bob Filner’s longtime aid. Our city leadership has its issues.

    I’ll share a story that may be instructive for a lot of people active in politics who may or may not run for office some day. Pamela Bensoussan who ultimately won the city council seat Russ was running for was never considered a real mover and shaker. She seemed to be a nice grandmother type who wanted to have more neighborhood gardens and protect historic homes etc. The plain truth is that when she came and asked for my support, she looked so sad when I told her that I endorsed Russ that I gave her a small check. It was a little less than $100 so that it wouldn’t look like I endorsed her in a public disclosure report.

    Many months later, after Russ made an unfortunate choice of words about Chula Vista’s financial condition and lost what was an almost sure endorsement from the Chula Vista Taxpayers Association, she asked me as spokesman to simply acknowledge that she had been endorsed in one of those recorded phone calls to be broadcast at her expense. It was a fact and she had a right to insist, but fortunately for me she was not sophisticated enough to press the point when I declined. I really didn’t have a right to do that and I felt guilty. Thinking this poor overwhelmed lady had no chance to win anyway, I wrote her a second and last small donation.

    As things turned out, she won after all and turned out to be a remarkably vindictive person. She will barely look at me after I took on the attempted sales tax increase in Chula Vista. I honestly suspect the woman hates me.

    My mistake on a number of levels. Not the least of which is that in politics you have to curb some of the nicer reflexes that serve you well elsewhere in your life. Even a small charitable gesture can really come back to bite you.

    A small note in regard to having “sued the taxpayers of the city”, that was to force the council to stop hiding behind technicalities and allow the people to vote on the Fair and Open Competition Initiative – Prop G.

    I am actually more disturbed by the attacks on the Chula Vista Taxpayers Association than those on me. I won’t bore you with a lot of details, but the CVTA has been very vocal on issues such as excessive pay and overtime and effective in dealing with issues such as the “sneaky tax” which was an attempt by the council to get public approval of a utility tax increase by making the ballot language sound like a tax cut.

    The CVTA has public credibility and appreciation in Chula Vista. However it is easily slandered to those far away.

    As a friend on the Executive Committee observed. “No Chula Vistan is without sin”. Part of that is coming from diverse community and having to work together at times to get anything done. Part of it is when we mess up.

    The bottom line is we rise above our petty and not so petty mistakes to be an effective political campaign and governing team or we don’t. It’s entirely in our hands.

  3. Larry,
    Is your reference to bickering like little children an attempt at taking a stab at Cox? In addition, wasn’t John McCann the one who led the council fight to challenge the Utility Tax, or “sneaky tax” as you put it? If I remember correctly McCann was the one who actually led the downfall of the Utility Tax. Wasn’t it also Ed Herrera and McCann who led the fight against Prop A, the sales tax increase sham? You seem to be taking an awful lot of credit for other people’s actions! And, saying that the CVTA endorsed Pamela Bensoussan against Russ Hall because of an unfortunate comment is ridiculous – hopefully your organization is about endorsing the right candidates, not the ones with every answer correct at the time of the interview! We all knew which candidate was more business friendly (and for your information it WASN’T Pamela Bensoussan!)
    If you are so gifted at running campaigns where are your yard signs??? Oh, yes, I heard you didn’t buy any because you didn’t think they were necessary! And, yes, Larry, endorsements do matter – you don’t just stop at a certain point because you think you have enough – you stop because you simply can’t get anymore!
    Did you give any money to Russ Hall??? You wrote two $99 checks so you wouldn’t get caught giving money to a Democrat, but she was stupid enough to report it! Do you really just give money to people who are sad and don’t have any chance to win? Hey, if anybody believed that you’d be loaded!

  4. Well just for clarification, when I express confidence that the Mayor or anyone else will fulfill his or her duty rather than some lesser alternative, that’s more along the lines of a compliment.

    A bit of history on the “sneaky tax”. Lani from the San Diego taxpayer association and I converged on city hall independently to speak to utility tax increase. Lani’s name was called first to speak. She referred to it as “a classic bait and switch”. A great line I will always be envious of.

    After or maybe during my portion (I think John might have asked a question of me) John expressed his concern and soon indicated that he didn’t want any part of it. Eventually two others dropped off and it was nipped in the bud. It’s nice to avoid a big problem for a change.

    Similarly, there was plenty of credit to go around in regard to defeating the sales tax. John and I were in contact, I believe prior to the first opportunity for public comment. Ed is part of the CVTA board and we may have been the only speakers among many who argued against the tax with 300 angry neighbors staring daggers in our backs.

    During the campaign – John, Ed and I divided the tasks. Aside from writing our ballot statement (the San Diego Taxpayer Association wrote the rebuttal, they were great allies and will always be appreciated), a few interviews and such, I concentrated on knocking on doors so we could have a yard sign program. The only form of advertising we could afford. I’m convinced those signs really helped to give people the confidence to doubt the wisdom of that proposal.

    For a long time, CVTA was the only organization in Chula Vista that was against the tax. People thought we were crazy and for a time we were pretty ostracized. But it was the right thing to do and we let the chips fall where they may.

  5. Good job avoiding the part about CVTA endorsing Bensoussan and then giving her two separate personal donations. Did you give Russ Hall money or did he not look sad enough for you?

  6. This is better than a soap opera! I love it! Keep airing your dirty laundry! I’M LAUGHING LIKE HECK.!

  7. Larry Breitfelder supports Proposition G, the Fair and Open Competition Ordinance. He did so from the beginning. He did so despite getting targeted by unions as a result. He did so despite every other candidate for City Council opposing Proposition G. Even in the early days when no one else would stand up for Proposition G, Larry did. He lent his name, reputation, portrait, endorsement — he put it all on the line. Frankly, no other prominent Republican in CV would do the same until very recently when it started to look like Prop G might win. None. Sorry folks, but those are the facts. Russ? No public position. Do we really need to know ANYTHING else?

  8. Larry is on You Tube declaring that he supported Rudy Ramirez during a recent forum.

    He never endorsed nor supported me and he continues to lie about it which is why I lowered the hammer on him. I gave Larry an endorsement and contribution envelope. It was never returned.

    He himself made the decision for the CV Taxpayers Assoc to support Benssoussan. His members personally told me that.

    As for CVTA and Larry, he can fantasize all he wants to but the records show he was a no-show when CV Civic Assoc President and fellow Republican Ed Herrera, crusaded for budget reform at the City Council. Where was Larry? The fact is that CVTA has done little to nothing since Prop A two years ago. I know the members of CVTA and they are not happy with this.

    Larry sued the taxpayers and then ran and hid because he had no courage to stand up and say why. I told him that to his face as well. IF he had courage of his conviction, why did he want to hide what he? Because he did not want the negative publicity to hurt his yet to be announced campaign.

    As for Prop G, check your facts. I have been listed as a supporter for a LONG time.

    Larry has a hard time telling the truth.

  9. That’s BS – Cox has supported Prop G since last year. Under her council comments last year she brought it to a vote to put it on the ballot. The vote was 2-3 with Cox and McCann supporting Prop G and tax and spend liberals Castaneda, Ramirez and Bensoussan opposed. And, besides Bensoussan, Larry has supported Padilla, Castaneda and Ramirez – are there any Republicans Larry has supported?

  10. Just to give handful of examples. I walked my first precinct for Jack Walsh in 1976. I dedicated countless hours to organizing the phone banks for getting Brian Bilbray elected to Congress. About a year of my life putting together a precinct program to get Ron Roberts elected Mayor, donated walked precincts weekly etc. to support Donna Frye’s competition before she won election to council. I walked my first precinct for John McCann eight years ago and made a particular point to donate as much as I could afford and raise several thousand dollars when he ran for Assembly. Not long after I was elected I supported a Republican challenger to one of the other board members at the Otay Water District even though I knew that would cost me my seat on the County Water Authority. A big deal to those acquainted with how much money is at stake in wholesale water purchases and infrastructure spending.

    Again setting the record straight. The only time I’ve been in Russ’s home was for meeting to endorse him I shook Russ’s hand in his living room as I did it. A nice moment with nothing vague about it. The CVTA endorsement votes are done by secret ballot and I as President don’t have a vote. The secret ballot is required precisely so no one including me can exert effective pressure.

    It’s been openly discussed that probably no single member of our board and advisory board agrees with every position of the organization. We take that as a healthy sign for a body that strives to reflect a cross section of the opinions and geographic interests of our community.

    Maybe someone from the Prop G group will address that aspect when the election is over and we’re not so busy. Maybe not, that’s up to the guys.

    Public forums are great because they allow us to take stands before the whole world (so to speak) and not just say what we promise, but what we’ve done. It’s unfortunate when things are taken out of context.

    Rudy Ramirez was running against Patty Chavez, a Democrat installed on the city council by then Mayor Steve Padilla. Even leaving that aside Ramirez was more connected to the community in general and the local business community in particular. You know the saying, “to govern is to chose”.

    My experience has been that most cheap shots are delivered by people who themselves haven’t done very much for others.
    In contrast, I have great respect and appreciation for the leadership Tony as Chair, Michael as Vice Chair and all the other members of the executive committee have exhibited during this campaign season. The rank and file committee members have been great as well.

    I’ve participated up to this point as a courtesy to the readers of Rostra. However, I think Susan Watry spoke best for the opposition when she wrote: “This is better than a soap opera! I love it!…I’M LAUGHING LIKE HECK.! ” To enable this exercise further would just be dumb.

    Whatever happens on Tuesday, you have my gratitude and best wishes…Larry

  11. No matter what side of the fence anyone is on regarding unions, Prop G is so poorly written it throws Chula Vista under a bus. When asked why the backers of Prop G don’t pull the prop and fix the writing so it doesn’t screw over Chula Vista, their answer is, it’s not what we intended but this is a test case so it’s the way it will have to be. In other words, the authors of Prop G are saying, “Screw Chula Vista. Chula Vista doesn’t count.”

    I am so sick and tired of our own politicians not doing what is in Chula Vista’s best interests. They think of us as “Chula Juana,” so they think they can do anything they want to us. You can fix the problem with the unions but you can fix it without screwing us over. And yes, I know what it says and Yes, it will bring everything to a standstill including stopping the removal of the power plant. I want the Bayfront redeveloped. I want a University. I definitely don’t like Castaneda but Cox is willing to damage the City for her own personal gain by endorsing this flawed proposition. Breitfelder has always been all about Breitfelder. It’s the ‘Larry Show’ there. I’m voting for Pat Aguilar. She may be the only reasonable choice.

  12. Hang in there! This election will soon be in the history books but all the good people that want what is best for Chula Vista will still be trudging along to do just that……what is best isn’t always so clear and we make mistakes as Larry Breitfelder said “As things turned out, she (Benssousan) won after all and turned out to be a remarkably vindictive person. She will barely look at me after I took on the attempted sales tax increase in Chula Vista. I honestly suspect the woman hates me..”

    Many of us were lured down the “poor pitiful Pamela path” and have been ostracized as well when we haven’t bowed low enough! BUT she will come and go; it is imperative that we keep working to preserve and improve Chula Vista. Furthering anyone’s political career is a very low priority for me..

  13. Bowing for Pam, Susan? Sounds like she has been watching Cox run her Queendome – does she require her minions to bow for her like Cheryl does?

  14. With the ink barley dry for the open seat at Chula Vista City Hall — word about town has it that Breitfelder is the early favorite. NOTE TO AGUILAR SUPPORTERS – Somebody get Russ “The Kiss of Death” Hall to endorse Larry Breitfelder — Aguilar could use the bump. Don’t believe me? Ask Galvez!

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