Rostra approaching 10,000 comments

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Originally posted April 3…

Since San Diego Rostra launched in August 2009, the site has been blessed with 2,794 blog entries and — as of this moment — 9,924 total comments from readers on those various posts.

Some blog posts end up with no comments. Others garner dozens, some exemplified by passionate debate.

We ask who will be lucky commenter number 10,000?

Our job is to watch and count. Your job is to ensure if it’s yours, the comment is insightful, provocative and/or humorous.

We’re both counting … and counting on you.


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  1. This site is great and we’re all glad to have it. I hope it remains anonymous so everyone can discuss issues openly and freely. Lots of people disagree, but look at the facts. Rostra is approaching 10,000 comments. Flash Report, which has a much larger audience but requires a real name to comment, has nearly none. Anonymity has its challenges and drawbacks (including some questionable posts), but in the end I think it is a net positive for the right of center blogosphere.

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