Ron Roberts Accused Of Fraud By Scott Lewis of Voice of San Diego

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Do you remember when County Supervisor Ron Roberts pledged $150 million (from San Diego County’s treasury) to a new Chargers stadium? (You can hear it here at 1:10 in the Jan, 2016 podcast.) A year later, Roberts backtracked, claiming that no offer was made.

But Roberts did make the claim. He even signed a letter to the NFL in Dec 2015 (page 7 of the PDF) with that offer.

Scott Lewis of Voice of San Diego ain’t letting Roberts off the hook:

“Roberts is saying two things in his statement.

“One is that the claim the county committed to spend $150 million on a stadium is wrong because it never went to the full Board of Supervisors for a vote. And two, it’s wrong because it would have been just a loan, thus not an actual sacrifice.

“The first point is a blatant, shameless acknowledgement of what I tried to nail down two years ago: The county’s commitment to financing a stadium was fake. The Chargers were absolutely right to dismiss it unless the supervisors voted to approve it.

“The second point is even worse. Two years ago, in an aside to the press, Roberts mentioned the idea of the county’s investment being a loan, not a contribution to stadium construction. He never even clarified who would be the borrower of the loan. I and others immediately were taken aback — if it was considered a loan to the city, the idea that city taxpayers would plunk down the money and pay back the county’s ‘loan’ was offensive.”

Read the whole indictment at Voice of San Diego.


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