Ron Paul rEVOLution comes to UCSD on May 4

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by Brian Brady

If you’re wondering why thousands of people flock to hear Presidential candidate Ron Paul speak, you’ll have a chance to experience it in person, on Friday, May 4, 2012.  Elizabeth and Paul Goodrich, leaders of UCSD Students for Ron Paul, snared the sage candidate to speak at the Warrren Mall, that Friday evenning at 7PM, on the UCSD campus.

San Diego is not foreign land for the constitutional conservative.  He visited here in 2008, won the San Diego County Republican Party straw poll, won the California Republican Party straw poll, and has a group of over 1,000 volunteers who register voter, walk precincts, and distribute literature for the campaign.


Congressman Paul drew over 8,000 people when he spoke at UCLA, earlier this month.  The following night, he went into the eye of the Progressive hurricane, UC Berkeley and drew over 2,000 people.  UCSD expects somewhere in between those two numbers next week.

Paul’s message of limited government, sound money, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and fidelity to the Constitution resonates with about 15-20% of the Republican base but is overwhelmingly accepted by over half of the under-30 crowd.  Young voters, formerly enchanted with the rhetoric of Barack Obama, realize that Liberty is the theme which made this country great and are flocking to the consistent critic of the State.

Tickets to the rally are free but reservations are required for a 6:00PM entry.  If UCLA is any indication, the early-entry tickets will be a must to get a seat.  Register here.

Updated Info: The Ron Paul for President campaign has reported that 4,000 people turned out to UC Davis for tonight’s rally and 4,000 turned out to see Dr. Paul speak At Cal State-Fullerton on Wednesday night.  The local campaign would appreciate any help to register Republican voters.  Those willing to lend a hand can show up at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow evening.


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  1. OMG, I am so there! This will be fantastic! You Republicans should pay attention to this for your own good!

  2. There is a WONDERFUL irony in Ron Paul speaking on the “Earl Warren” mall (its’ full name). Paul is the utter anti-thesis of that long-ago California Governor and US Supreme Court justice.

    While I heartily disagree with much of his philosophy, Ron Paul does trust average Americans to make decisions. Earl Warren did not. Sometimes political philosophy is that simple.

  3. “Irony was when we had our tea party at a WPA project. I about fell over when I saw that a few years ago…”

    Irony, true. But did it teach you anything?

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