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From KCBQ’s Rick Amato…

April 19th, 2010
by Rick Amato


We have been inundated with email lately from friends and listeners all asking the same question: How does one achieve a ROCK ON shout-out from The Rick Amato Show either on-air or online at FB and Twitter?

This is in response to the astute observation that we have been awarding friends, followers and listeners with “ROCK ON”’s as of late.

While one receives a ROCK ON for being a foot soldier in spreading the conservative message …championing such traits as: greater individual responsibility, smaller gov’t, gov’t from the people up- not from the leaders down, free markets and strong national security… …BELOW ARE THE GENERAL PARAMETERS on HOW WE AWARD ROCK ON’s:

This is the person who exhibits a certain style, sophistication and coolness when spreading the conservative word. Yes, yes I know… we conservatives are not supposed to posses these traits according to the NYT and mainstream media but trust me these people do exist.

One such example is Jon David singer/songwriter of American Heart.

Simply put, Jon David Rocks.

There are the HIGHLY VALUED conservatives who spread the word about The Rick Amato Show to others. A very important asset in helping rid the world (or at least the country) of liberalism and it’s historically failed ideology.

A shortened list of examples include: John Ansell in Chicago, Tom Denig in Brooklyn, Terri Peters in San Diego, Barry Jantz in San Diego, Rhonda in San Diego plus many, many more.

You All Rock!

These are the people who take a shot of caffeine and stay up late on the east coast (and in some cases Europe) to listen to The Rick Amato Show live!

Examples include: Maria in NYC, Cathy in N. Carolina, Stacy in Virgina, Betty in Wash DC., Andrew in Pittsburgh and Maggie in Poland!

…but they also include those who listen to the podcast the next morning while working out and whatnot, like Daniel outside of Pittsburgh.

You All Rock!

There are the people who show up consistently and blog smart, intelligent conservative news day in and day out.

Examples include: Yukiko in Orange County, Jonelle in Phoenix, George in Joliet, IL, Angelo in NorCal, Gary in San Diego, Audrey in NYC.

You All ROCK!

This is our catch all category. Take someone like Monet who recently after watching our show on tweeted the message:

“The Rick Amato Show staff has HOT CONSERVATIVE DUDES”…

…the publishing of such astute observations is almost always a sure fire way to earn a shout out from the show.

Monet ROCK’s!

That’s pretty much it. Due to time and space I could not possibly list everybody but you get the idea. Of course some can and do belong to more than one category.

Keep on ROCKIN’ and let’s ROCK progressives out of America, one historically failed idea at a time!



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