Richard Bailey Endorses Bill Wells in AD 77

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Richard Bailey has opted not to vie for the 77th Assembly District seat, leaving Brian Jones, Christine Rubin and Bill Wells as the Republicans in the race.  SD Rostra received the following from Mr. Bailey…

Dear Friends,

Campaigning the past few months as a candidate for the 77th Assembly seat has been a tremendous experience.  Now more than ever, voters are demanding a representative that believes in restraining government to its proper role and has strong ties to our community.  After much thought, I have concluded that Bill Wells is the right candidate for our district and would like to fully endorse him.  Bill believes in true conservative principles and has already served many people in our district through his work on the El Cajon City Council.

While this endorsement signifies the end of my run for the Assembly Seat, I am pleased to have represented Bill last night at the San Diego Young Republicans candidate forum and and I plan to campaign on his behalf for the duration of the campaign.

Finally, I would like to thank all of my friends, family, and the many people I met during the campaign.  Hearing your concerns has only encouraged me to remain an active participant for the conservative cause.


Richard Bailey


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  1. I don’t understad how Mr. Wells could have “served many people in our district through his work on the El Cajon City Council.” He was only on the council for 7 moths when he filed to run for Assembly and he has only served for 15 months total.

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