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In response to last Saturday’s Endorsement Time at the GOP Corral: Mayoral and Assembly Candidates Continue Political Shootout, SD Rostra was contacted on behalf of Carlsbad City Councilmember and State Assembly candidate Farrah Douglas to take issue with the post’s depiction of some of her background, specifically the paragraph regarding a March 2011 Notice of Trustee sale related to her private residence.

Those contacting Rostra noted that the Douglas property had in fact not been foreclosed and that further references to a sale of the residence in the paragraph were also incorrect. Although the post does note that “…she was able to bring the mortgage current prior to losing the residence,” the communication to Rostra indicated that this specifically involved a loan modification, no different than that being done by thousands of home owners.

After discussing the matter with the post’s author, we agree the paragraph in question — while unintentional — was misleading to the point of being largely inaccurate.  Rather than get into nuances over differences between phrases such as “had been foreclosed” and “facing foreclosure,” or simply indicating the wording could have been more carefully chosen, we would like to retract the information in question.  We have corrected the post to reflect as much.

We regret the error and apologize to Ms. Douglas and our readers for the inaccurate information.

None of the other points the post raised were called into question in the communication sent to Rostra.  However, the day of publication an offer was extended to the Douglas campaign to submit a statement in response to the post or a stand-alone guest column. We understand that Ms. Douglas may be submitting a column in the days ahead.

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  1. Soooo….. after reading the original post again, Douglas — through her attorney — had no problem with the claims of being sued by creditors, her business being evicted from its location, being under investigation by the Fair Political Practices Commission or accused of violating state conflict of interest laws?

    Really? She was upset that it was reported the bank foreclosed on her residence instead of saying her residence was in some stage of the foreclosure process?

    Do we really want to send someone to Sacramento that is this sensitive about their public image when there is so much other stuff that she should be worried about?

    I think we have enough elected people running around Sacramento that claim to be “pro” this or “pro” that when their records say otherwise. I think I have seen enough of Douglas’s record to know that this is one “successful business woman” that we should not let near the already disastrous financial situation in Sacramento.

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